vendredi 26 octobre 2007

Art Nouveau Lip Balm

Yesterday I was looking through one of my designbooks and found this picture again. These are the cutest lip balm cans I've ever seen. It's the original Art Nouveau design, it goes back to the year 1904.
I've always wanted to have all of them but I kinda forgot about them untill yesterday.
They're from Perfumeria Gal in Spain (Madrid). The reason why I still don't have them is that they're only being sold in Madrid or on the internet, shipping from the U.S.A., well at least as far as I know. I haven't been to Madrid yet and shipping from the U.S.A. to Europe can be expensive...
Do you guys maybe know other cities or stores where I can get them?

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  1. I love these, every time someone I know goes to Barcelona, I ask them to bring me back a few from the airport, so maybe you could try that?


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