vendredi 30 avril 2010

Gorgeous Dress

Post 2 in the 'cleaning up series' is about this beautiful dress, which I would love to have in my own closet. It's perfect!
I don't even know who's dress it is or where I was planning on buying it (the only size left was very small, so didn't buy it). I have this picture for as long as I can remember, so I really can't give you the source. If anyone can, please do so.
That's all for today (I know it's not much), right now I'm about to go home for the weekend. Have a nice weekend everyone!

jeudi 29 avril 2010

Outfit I Love

I'm cleaning up my computer, so the next days I'll post many different things that I saved over several months. Great streetstyle photos, outfits, designerstuff I really want, beautiful clothes, ...
Today I'm leaving you guys with this picture from Victoria Beckham. She's so nicely dressed in this shot. The perfect outfit for a shoppingtrip, minus the high heels. Wouldn't mind having this outfit in my closet! I really need to go shopping again.

Today my boyfriend and I are together for 5 years! I'm so happy right now!
Dus bij deze: Wim ik zie u graag!

mardi 27 avril 2010

Decorate Yourself!

Lately I've been buying lots of necklaces and I can't seem to stop myself. I love funny and cute necklaces that give a nice touch to a simple outfit.
I've been browsing the ASOS site today and found some very cute and affordable pieces that I really really want to have!
What do you guys think of these pieces?

PS: Maybe the boyfriend reads this post and I get surprised with a cute necklace. Who wouldn't like that? :)

mercredi 21 avril 2010

Last Sunday

Last sunday was the best sunday we've had so far! The weather was so nice. I, the one who is always cold, didn't even wear a sweater for the first time in months. Can't wait untill summer is here!
Didn't do that much last sunday. Went to a gardencenter with my sister, the shop also sells lots of things for cats & dogs (that's why we went there). Didn't buy anything. In the late afternoon my boyfriend and I went to visit our friends who just became parents. Such a cute little baby boy!
And here is the outfit:

Sunglasses: Vintage (gift from my sister)
Dress: New Look
Legging: H&M
Sandals: New Look (gift from my parents)

mardi 20 avril 2010

Label. Fashion Focus

You guys better run to your nearest magazine store because the new Label. Fashion Focus is in town and it's great! I read it cover to cover last sunday, while enjoying the sun.
This issue introduces us to some great new labels (Super sunglasses, music & fashion by April 77, handmade fashion by Sandra Backlund, ...), a great fashionspread and lots of gorgeous sneakers (would love to get my hands on the Jeremy Scott Adidas shoes with wings!).
What I like the most is that Label takes us behind the scenes of fashion with an article about 'Closed' and interviews with the people behind the labels 'Essentiel' and 'Le Fabuleux Marcel De Bruxelles'.
My favorite article in this issue is the one about fashion and dance. Which of course is about shoes :), to be exact Bloch and Repetto(!!!!) shoes.
I wish I could write about all the great articles in this magazine, but I want you guys to still have something to read when you buy it :)
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mercredi 14 avril 2010

That Dress!

Finally we had another warmer day here in Belgium, just love those days. I'm wearing a dress which I bought almost 2 years ago at H&M and had never worn before. I loved it in the fitting room, but never seemed to like it when I put it on at home. Today my boyfriend convinced me that it was a great dress for me. So I'll guess this will be one of my favorites this summer.
Yesterday I went to the hairdresser and I must say I really like my new haircolor. And tomorrow I'm going shopping in Antwerp with my sister and my boy! Can't wait!
Have a nice day!

Dress: H&M
Boots: Invito

dimanche 11 avril 2010


So here's a quick outfitpost! Yesterday the boyfriend and I went to my sister's housewarming party. We had a great night with lots of delicious food. This was my outfit, nothing special but extremely comfortable. I love this ADIDAS jacket soooo much!
How was your weekend?

Earrings: Budapest
Jacket: ADIDAS
Dress: H&M
Purse: H&M
Shoes: H&M

jeudi 8 avril 2010


First of all, thank you guys for the sweet birthday wishes. I had a wonderful birthday, just can't believe that I'm 24 already :)
Right now I'm having my easterholiday, so 2 weeks in which I can do what I want. Every morning from 9 to 12 I'm a volunteer at a local animal shelter. I'm working at the cat department and I'm so loving it. Those cats are so cute and if I could I would bring every single one home with me. There is this little red fellow, he just loves to cuddle, he's just too cute for words. I'm going to miss all of them when next week ends.
To celebrate spring I made a quick shoppingtrip to H&M, wanted to buy some things from The Garden Collection. Too bad that H&M in Louvain didn't stock anything that was on my wishlist... But I found this beautiful dress and top and it made me forget about all the other things that I wanted. Maybe I'll be able to find all the other items on my wishlist in Antwerp next saturday (especially that red floral jacket!).
Did you guys get anything from the garden collection?

Photos courtesy of H&M

vendredi 2 avril 2010

The Birthday Outfit

So here is my birthday outfit. I wore my new white lace dress from New Look, it made me feel like a real girl. Combined with some fierce boots from Zara, love love love these so much!
Tonight I'm going to a party with my best friends, can't wait! Have a great weekend!

Dress: New Look
Legging: H&M
Shoes: Zara

jeudi 1 avril 2010


Well as a birthday gift to myself I gave this blog some cool fishies! They'll be hangin around at the bottom of this blog :)
Tomorrow I'll post my birthday outfit! That's all for now, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my birthday-evening!