samedi 28 février 2009

Can It Please Be Christmas Again?

I know I haven't been around much (school and weekendjob), but I haven't stopped thinking about fashion for one minute. Lately I've been dreaming about having so many pretty things, too bad I don't have the money for these beauties! Why could't it be Christmas again, so I can dream that these beautifull shoes are under our tree.
Rupert Sanderson
Bottega Veneta
And why not put these lovely clothes from Moschino Cheap & Chic under the tree for me aswell?!

Everything is from
Oh and I would love for you guys to know more about me, so if you guys have some questions you want an answer to: Just ask me in this post comments and I'll answer them!

mercredi 18 février 2009

Too Busy With School

Finally I found the time to make a quick post on my blog. I really hate the fact that I don't have that much time anymore to blog. I'm so busy with all the papers I need to make for school this semester. I hate it!
I'm having some photoshop problems aswell. I hope these are fixed really soon, so I can start posting all the things I want to share with you guys. I'll really do my best to find some more time to do a post and to check out your blogs. It's a shame, I know!
I still don't have any photos on this computer, so today I'll post this photo. That girl is wearing the perfect outfit! Love it! Source: The Sartorialist.

dimanche 8 février 2009

Back From Paris!

I'm so sorry I wasn't here for the past week. My boyfriend and I were on a trip to Paris this week and again I didn't have the time to say that I was leaving... We had a wonderfull time, of course, more about that in another post.
Yesterday we had a late New Years party with my grandparents and family. We went out for dinner in a nice restaurant and we had a great time together. I might have some nice pictures from yesterday, but I'm not sure. I forgot to take an outfitshot, but I wore my lovely new Maison Martin Margiela boots with a black dress and my golden sequined bolero.
I'll be back posting from tomorrow on and I'll get back on your comments aswell!