mercredi 31 décembre 2008

Le Louvre

I know I haven't kept my promise about updating this blog more often, but I'm glad to be back. The last few weeks I didn't think about anything else than school. I had to get everything ready because now I'm studying for my exams which start in about 2 weeks. I still have lots of things that I want to post, so you can expect much more posts from now on.
A week ago I went to Paris, I had a presentation in the Louvre that counts as an exam. Everything went really good, so I don't think I need to worry about it. Too bad I didn't had any time left to see some more of Paris, so that's why I only have one picture to show.You guys know by now how much I love the city of Paris and how I can't wait to move there. My boyfriend knows this aswell, so he gave me the most perfect Christmas present ever: a 4 day citytrip to Paris in february. I can't wait untill exams are over and I can visit the best city in the world again.
I wish everybody a very happy new year with everything your heart desires and a great party tonight! See you guys next year!

mardi 9 décembre 2008

Beauty Shopping

I'm not only a shoe-addict, I'm also addicted to buying beautyproducts. Of course I have some new products to show to you guys right now.
I went to The Body Shop with my sister a few weeks ago and of course I couldn't resist buying some nice smelling products. I bought myself the Moringa body scrub and body butter and these products are so lovely. I also bought the Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter. I'm so glad they have this smell in stores again. I bought some of these products last spring and I love them so much, that's why I really didn't like the idea that it was a limited edition... Well, not anymore! (Sorry for the awfull picture)
I'm not a big fan of eyeshadow, but from time to time I use some. I was excited to find out that Bourjois had launched a limited vintage collection of their eyeshadows. The colors are the same, but the packaging is so beautifull. I really had to control myself, because I wanted them all.

mercredi 3 décembre 2008

Hasselt Part 2

The Celine scarf from my last post wasn't the only thing I bought in Hasselt, although there weren't that much great things in stores then.
I did find this lovely bolero at New Look. It's really warm and the texture is great. The color is a bit more pink than it shows in this photo. I was lucky with the price aswell, because they charged me the English pound price in euros, so it was 10 euros cheaper than normal.
Finally I found some nice teacups in the thriftshop, for 1 euro or something. I was searching cups like these for some time now, but I wasn't able to find some untill now.
I know this is a short post, but I'm trying to post more often from now on. I'm still drowning in all my schoolwork, so I'm really happy if I find the time to make a short post. Please bare with me!

jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Fake or Real?

Last monday the boyfriend and I had a nice shoppingday, because of the snow I wasn't able to go to school (not that I had any problem with that). We went to Hasselt and one of my favourite stops there is 'De Kringwinkel', it's a thriftstore where I always find great stuff.
As you guys might know by now I have a little scarf-addiction! So of course I was checking out the scarfs and this one caught my eye. The design is so pretty, even a bit kitsch. But than I realised it might be a real Celine scarf.
Now, I'm really terrible at spotting a fake designer scarf, so I'm calling to you guys for help. Online I found lists of how to spot fake Hermès scarfs, but no lists of spotting a fake Celine scarf.
Judging from the Hermès lists I read that the Hems should be hand-rolled and sewn in the exact same color as the hems and that's how it's done with my scarf. The detailed picture has a design that I found on the Celine website, but that's an easy one to copy. 
So I would really appreciate your help!
If it turns out to be fake, I really wouldn't mind because I still love the design and I only paid 50 cents for it.

mardi 25 novembre 2008

I Love Snow

This sunday we finally had a real winterday. I'm really not a big fan of cold days, but a nice white snowy day from time to time is lovely! In the afternoon we stayed inside, watching the white carpet getter thicker by the minute. In the evening my boyfriend and I went for a nice walk. When we got home we enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolat milk. 
Of course I took some pictures, it's not that there is so much snow here in Belgium. We also wanted to make a snowman, but our hands were too cold.

mardi 18 novembre 2008

I Feel Like A New DIY-Project

I'm sorry AGAIN for being so absent, I really am! Things have just been so hectic... I got sick at the beginning of last week and I had lots of things to do for school. So I really didn't have the time to blog or take outfitshots. I really hate it when that happens, but I'm afraid this won't be the last time this happens this schoolyear. I promise I'll do my best!
I'm hoping to find some time to go to Antwerp one of these weeks, because I still need to go see the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition! 
And I plan on doing some serious shopping that day! One of the things I need is a loose white t-shirt, so I can make one like in this picture. These t-shirts are from Lonely Hearts, I found them on the Coloured Bleu Blog. I really plan on making that white one!

mercredi 5 novembre 2008


The lovely Seeker from Searching the Inner Me complimented me with these 2 awards. Thank you so much my dear!
I'm not posting the rules, but I'm just going to pass these awards to 7 blogs that I really love!

lundi 3 novembre 2008


Sorry that I'm not that much around these days, but I promise that everything will be better next week. I'm so busy that I really don't feel like dressing up and so I'm posting two of my favourite photograps I made over the last year.
The first one I took when my boyfriend and I were in Paris last year. We had a wonderfull time and looking at this picture makes me want to go back. I really love that city so much! I really like how the picture turned out after the changes I made in Photoshop.
This picture was already on this blog, in the normal version. I think it looks more dramatic in the black and white version. I love this photograph!

mercredi 29 octobre 2008

New Things

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Antwerp. We wanted to do some shopping and visit the Margiela exhibition. We ran out of time to visit the exhibition, but I'm going back next week to visit the exhibition, because it's a can't miss!
I really didn't find that much (my boyfriend bought a lot of things), but we had a great day!

I bought these cute booties at Hema, they're so warm and cute! Perfect for those cold days comming up.
These nerd-glasses are from Urban Outfitters. I never thought I would be able to pull this look off, but I didn't look too bad. I promise there will be some pictures online soon.
I already have this belt in black, I really like it so much, that I bought it in brown aswell.
This cute scarf is from one of my favourite secondhand stores, it's so pretty.
This picture doesn't really look that good, because the colors are so much more bright in real life.
I know this post is really short, but I'm in a rush to get my schoolwork finished. I still wanted to make a post about my buys yesterday, because I really missed blogging the last days.
Today my boyfriend and I are together for 3 years and a half and we're having a nice dinner tonight and will probably watch Eastern Promises (I bought it yesterday).
I promise there will be more outfitshots comming up soon and I'll also add something new to this blog: I have such a big dvd-collection, so from time to time I'll post a review about the movies we saw.

vendredi 24 octobre 2008


The good thing about being sick is that I was able to go trough all our London pics and narrow the big amount (300) down to these 30 pictures. Of course I can't show you guys everything, but these are my favourite pics.
As I said before we had a wonderfull 5 days in London, we saw lots of things (monuments, musea, ...), of course we did some shopping, we enjoyed the lovely parcs, ... When we left for London the accident in the Eurostar tunnel had just happenend, so we were affraid we wouldn't make it there. It turned out luck was on our side and we got there an hour earlier than planned. When coming home we took the train a few hours earlier, to make sure we wouldn't be stuck in London. We were last to check in and we got places in first class, which was REALLY NICE! We got free drinks and even an entire meal that was delicious. So we really couldn't complain!

Just one of the little parcs near Oxford Street
Picadilly Circus
Saint-James Park

Westminster Abbey (no inside pictures, because that wasn't allowed)

Big Ben and The London Eye
National Gallery
Hyde Park with squirrels begging for food

Bernini Statue in Victoria and Albert Museum
On our way to Buckingham Palace
Saint-Paul's Cathedral
The Tower of London
The Tower Bridge
Norfolk Square where our hotel was
The delicious meal in first class
Us enjoying the best seats ever
Some outfits, without heels, because citytripping is exhausting enough:
Dress: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Blouse: H&M (very old)
Skirt: Lux at Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Zara
Jacket: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Blouse: Vero Moda
Skirt: Lux at Urban Outfitters
Shoes: H&M

Here are the things I bougth. I really din't buy that much, because we really wanted to see most of the city and everytime we had time to shop we were really tired.
My bag from the V&A Museum, with William Morris print. Love it!
Gorgeous, very warm scarf/hoodie-thingie from H&M.
Black beret with flower from H&M.

jeudi 23 octobre 2008

Same Skirt, Different Look

I'm feeling a little bit sick today. I spended the day in my pyjamas and so there will be no outfitshot today.
I made another collage on Polyvore. I used the same skirt twice and came up with 2 different looks.

lundi 20 octobre 2008


Today it came to my mind that it has been a while since I made a Polyvore post. When I look at other people's creations I'm always jalous of their skills, because my creations always look so empty. That doesn't mean that I don't like the pieces I picked out, I wish I could afford them.
This set is based on the mustard yellow skirt and I found some nice black pieces to combine this lovely skirt with.
I was planning to put other shoes with this outfit, but Polyvore didn't work properly today.

dimanche 19 octobre 2008

Lovely Sunday

Today my boyfriend surprised me with dinner in a very nice restaurant here in Leuven and as desert we got a sunday ice cream with caramel from McDonalds :) It was such a lovely evening! Now we're going to watch the first season of Gossip Girl (I got it last friday), well not the complete season, but as much as possible.
Here's what I was wearing today, not really dressed up to go to a restaurant, but I just wanted to wear this skirt today! It was already dark when we got home, so that's why the picture is taken inside (and looks really bad in my opinion). You can see Toulouse having a drink next to my feet. Right now Toulouse is sitting on my lap, helping me type this post ;)

T-shirt: H&M
Skirt: Secondhand
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Zara

samedi 18 octobre 2008

Steeling Tags

I've stolen a tag from Sue from The Sueper Blog, because I'm so bored and I just want to share more about myself.

Clothes Shop: Vintage Shops, Zara and when I have the money sometimes a designershop
Furniture Shop: Fleamarkets and Secondhand shops, Ikea
Sweet: Sugary Things
City: Paris
Drink: Sprite and sparkling water
Music: Yelle, Gotan Project, Hotel Costes
TV Series: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill
Film: Un Long Dimanche, Volver, Amélie, ... And so many more (but more about movies soon)
Workout: Swimming
Pastries: things with pudding

vendredi 17 octobre 2008

One Year

Well, today this blog turns one year old and you guys can't believe how happy I'm with this news! The only thing I can hope for is that this year is even going to be better than the last and that there are so many years of blogging to come! I've really enjoyed myself the last year with posting all the things I bought and all my outfits shots, but most of all I like the fact that I've met so many people (from all around the world) that love fashion as much as I do. And eventhough I haven't met them in real live I think of them as friends!
I hope I can find the time to post this weekend, but I'm not sure because I've got a big meeting comming up next monday with the promoter for my bachelorpaper. Maybe there will be a little post, but I promise I'll check out your blogs on monday!
And for today I'm leaving you guys with the last things that I bought at H&M over the past weeks.
First of all my new wintercoat, which my mom and dad bougth for me (so sweet). It's just perfect with the wider sleeves and the big collar for when it gets really cold.
This little suitcase was an impulse buy, but I didn't regret it at all. Sometimes I think it looks a little bit childish, but I just love it. And some outfits can use a funny accent! BTW, if I remember correct they were sold out really fast.
This mustardyellow scarf has been on this blog already, since I bought it some weeks ago and I can't stop wearing it. It's so soft and the color is just perfect!