dimanche 29 juin 2008

Monochrome Outfits

Well last friday my holidays finally started and my last exam went pretty good I guess. I didn't do much yet these last 3 days, mostly sleep, but from now on I promise that there will be more updates. I'm going shopping tomorrow and tuesday, finally! So there will be some buy-posts aswell this week!

I was browsing style.com when I saw these gorgeous designer outfits in monochrome colors. I really like how it looks, so I guess I will try this look myself one day. That's all for today, but I enjoy these beautifull outfits!
Bottega Veneta
Maurizio Pecoraro
Pictures taken from Style.com

mardi 24 juin 2008

Only One To Go!

Today I had exam number 5 and it went quite good I think, of course you can never be sure! I'm so happy that this friday everything will be over and I can finally do what I want!

Last saturday I went to a cafe with some friends and we had lots of fun. 
This is what I wanted to wear, but I changed my mind right before I left the house and I didn't had the time to take a picture of the new outfit. So I'm showing you guys the 'old' outfit, I was wearing my favourite floral dress.
Dress: Mango (Penelope & Monica Cruz Collection)
Legging: H&M
Shoes: Zara

lundi 23 juin 2008

The Body Shop

I finally found some time do to a post again. Well, actually I need to study right now, because I have an exam tomorrow, but I'm so fed up with studying! I'm so tired and I can't remember anything anymore, I just can't wait untill it's friday and I hope I don't do my last 2 exams too bad. They're not going to be great, because I know that I'm not going to study real hard anymore because I just haven't got the energy anymore. I'll stop nagging now!

A while ago I went to The Body Shop and bought myself some really nice new products: Aqua Lily Bodylotion, Aqua Lily Showergel and Aqua Lily Perfume. The smell is so good, really reminds me of summer, which is perfect for now and of course for those nostalgic winterdays.
I also got this little purse for free, because I had to pay more than 30 euros. It contains little samples of: Moringa Body Butter, Aloe Vera Day Cream, Aqua Lilly Perfume and Black Mascara. I love free stuff and even more when it's as great as this.

vendredi 20 juin 2008

Froufrou's part 2

Last week I placed anonther order at the Froufrou's webshop.
I just couldn't resist these beautifull shoes, each pair was 20 euros and they're in perfect condition!
This mint green pair is my favourite, I love colorfull shoes and the little bow in the back is just too cute!

These brown shoes are great aswell! I love the dark stripe, it gives the shoes a great look.

mardi 17 juin 2008

The New Haircut!

Today I finally went to get a new haircut and I'm so happy with how it looks! I had a lot of stress, because my hair was so long. I'm really glad I did this, because I was tired of my long hair and this is something completely different! The perfect start for summer!

Party saturday!

Last saturday my boyfriend had to spin at a party in Hasselt and I decided to go along with him. I was tired of spending my days at home, we didn't stay long but it was nice to be somewhere else. I finally found the chance to wear my highwaisted skirt, sometimes I guess I have to much clothes that I forget to wear things I bought.
I didn't had time to post my outfit shot because the last days I had 2 exams in 3 days. Which was really exhausting. One exam went really well and the other not so good, but I'll see that when I get my grades! Now only 2 to go, but I have 8 days untill my next exam, so I have some free time.
Bolero: H&M
T-shirt: H&M
Skirt: Only
Bag: Secondhand
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Zara

jeudi 12 juin 2008

Beautifull gift

Today I had exam number 2 and it wasn't that great... I had do to some stuff in Excel, but I really hate that, so I tried to do it as good as possible. The second part was really good, it was photoshop and that's just easy. So lets all hope that it isn't that bad in total!

Now on to happier stuff!
When we were in Brussels we also stopped by Zara Home, I really really love that store. My sweet boyfriend, who has great taste when buying gifts, bought me this cute soapholder as a late birthday gift. I just love pieces like this, it looks like it came out of an antique baroque interiour!
I'm not using it as a soapholder, but I use it to keep my rings, earrings, ... on my toilettable.
I just can't stop looking at it, because I love it so much!

mercredi 11 juin 2008


Yesterday I really didn't feel like studying all day, so I decided to go on a little shoppingtrip.
I stopped at h&m and of course I bought some things.

First of all this lovely black dress. I really like it when I'm wearing it, feels so good and looks great. I know it has a lot of wrinkles, but when my bag is big enough I don't want to use plastic bags from the store. So I just put everything together in my bag. So it just needs some ironing and nature is helped a little bit aswell!

These cute flowers I just couldn't resist. First I was only going to buy the white ones, but I liked every color, so I just bought all of them. They have an easy clip, so I can use them on my scarfs and outfits aswell and not only in my hair.

mardi 10 juin 2008

Out to dinner!

As promised here are my outfit shots from yesterday. We made them when the boyfriend and I were on our way to a restaurant. My mom and dad said that we could go out for dinner and they would pay, probably because I'm always stressed to death during the examination period. Dinner was nice, just like the weather and we had a lot of fun.
Don't mind my extremely tired face, I got up at 4.30 AM to study, because I was really scared I would do bad (which I didn't, I hope).

T-shirt (grey): Urban Outfitters
T-shirt (black): H&M
Pants: Zara
Purse: Vintage
Shoes: Zara

Edit: Thanks everyone for the good luck wishes with my exams, I really appreciate it! And of course I wish everyone who has exams or papers or ... good luck aswell!

lundi 9 juin 2008

1/6 and counting

Today I had my first exam: philosophy, something I really hate to study. I think I managed to write enough to get a 10, I really don't need more, I just want to pass this course and I really don't want to study this for a second time. This week I have 3 other exams I have to take and than I have 8 days to do nothing (well I actually do need to study) and my holidays start June 27th.
I already made an appointment to go to the hairdresser next week tuesday and I'm so excited. I'm going to cut my hair short (not to short), but it's just weird because my hair is really long now. I'm so tired of my hair at the moment, I really need this haircut!
Ow yeah, I'm really happy Euro 2008 has finally started, I love football (during the EC en WC). I really hope Portugal wins, my absolute favourite team!

Today we took some outfitshot, but you'll have to wait untill tomorrow, our camera is doing weird. 
I leave you guys with this really bad webcam picture of my new tights (I know summer is comming). The lovely Sam from Daily Fashion Boost bought tights in similar colors and I liked the colors so much I went to the store right away. The left pair is grey and the other one is purple.

dimanche 1 juin 2008


Two weeks ago I went to visit my sister (who now is on holidays to the Dominican Republic, lucky her) in Antwerp and of course we went shopping. Together with Brussels the last shoppingtrips untill my exams are finished. Eventhough I promised myself an hour of shopping today, but it's not the same.
I only bought things at Zara that day, maybe because I was waiting for my paycheck and so I had to take it easy.

I love this dress so much, I so love the ruffles and of course my favourite color black. I can't wait to wear this dress!

And my beautiful new shoes. I wanted them for so long. I even sent my sister shopping for them a while ago, because Zara in Leuven didn't have them and at that time they seemed sold out everywhere. When I saw them in store I was so happy, I even yelled trough the shop (that's how much I'm addicted to shopping and shoes, haha).


Last week I recieved my beautifull clutch I orderd at Froufrou's.
Froufrou's is a great online shop managed by the lovely Léonie (Madame Mode) and her boyfriend. They sell lots of great pieces (vintage, secondhand and new) and the prices are low. I would say, just go check out the site and leave me some stuff to buy aswell.

I'm really in love with my new clutch. Too bad I'm stuck inside studying, because I can't wait to use this clutch. So I promise photos of me using this gorgeous piece will follow!