vendredi 27 mars 2009

Purple, Black & Gold

It's been a while since my last outfitpost, so from now on I'll try to take pictures more often. This one is taken about a week ago, nothing special. We went to some shops here in Leuven, didn't buy anything, but it was a great break from all my schoolwork.
Coat: H&M
Purse: Sacha
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Emilio Cavallini
Shoes: Invito (I'm so in love with these!)

mercredi 25 mars 2009


I finally found the time to go trough all my pictures from my last trip to Paris. It was a wonderfull trip, my boyfriend and I had such a nice time (nothing but good times when I'm in Paris). We passed by the big tourist attractions, so some pictures of these here aswell. We already visited these on our first trip to Paris and I can recommend to visit the towers of The Notre-Dame! Now we only passed by them and didn't really visit them. Of course we did some serious shopping, but I didn't buy too much. I didn't have the time to photograph my buys, so pictures of my new pair of shoes and skirt will follow soon.
Jardin Du Luxembourg
Cimetière Du Père-Lachaise
Cimetière Du Père-Lachaise
Ile De La Cité viewed from Passerelle Des Arts
Place Des Vosges
Place Des Vosges
Me enjoying a delicious Starbucks coffee
Cathédrale Notre-Dame
Le Louvre
Moulin Rouge
Basilique Du Sacré-Coeur
Stairs near Basilique Du Sacré-Coeur
Just a cute kitten :)
Place Du Tertre
Scarf: H&M (London)
Trench: Zara
Purse: Pieces (got it for free with a magazine)
Leather Gloves: H&M
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Sacha (new)

lundi 9 mars 2009

I Wish It Was Summer!

I'm so longing for nice weather... I'm not a big fan of winters and bad weather, because I'm always extremely cold. I really need some sunshine in my life, I'm sick of this grey and cold and rainy weather. At least I can start counting down the days untill things change.
I made this outfit with Polyvore today while I was dreaming of a warm day in spring (also to have a break from all my school work). The perfect outfit for a day of fun with friends in the city.

Thanks to the ever so sweet Seeker for giving me the 'Your Blog Is Fabulous Award' and to the ever so sweet Sam for giving me the 'Unique & Chic Award'. This is really sweet!