lundi 31 mai 2010


We went to Ikea again today, I'm totally addicted to going to Ikea (it's official). Didn't buy that much, a book and some things to decorate the apartment. It was nice to get out of the house for some time, since we both need to study for our exams.
Tomorrow I'll tell you guys more about my weekend.

Blazer: New Look
Dress: H&M
Purse: Invito
Scarf: my boyfriend's
Boots: Vintage

jeudi 27 mai 2010

Shopping @ Brussels!

As promised yesterday here are the lovely things that I bought today in Brussels. I only allowed myself to stay there untill noon, because I knew that I would end up broke if I stayed the whole day :)
I'm such a lucky girl because the pieces that I was craving for from the Fashion Against Aids collection by H&M were still available in my size (actually these were the only 3 pieces left, next to a lot of other pieces from this collection but I didn't want them). Made me so happy! I bought two harempants and a dress, here they are. And I promise you, outfits will be posted really soon!

I also bought myself 2 cute t-shirts with beautiful shoulderdetails. The striped one is from H&M and the blue one is from Mango.
Everytime when I'm in Brussels I have to buy something at Paul's bakery. So delicious and tasty, takes me right back to France. But what is in the box this time???
2 delicious macaroons, a chocolate one and one with vanilla taste. Yummy! Macaroons and crème brûlée are my most favorite things to eat in the world (to make me choose between these 2 would be just cruel, haha)! What's your favorite thing to eat?
Did you guys buy anything from the Fashion Against Aids colletion by H&M?

mercredi 26 mai 2010

River Island

Again I apologize for the lack in updating this blog and especially the lack in more personal posts (like outfitshots)! I had a huge paper that I needed to turn in yesterday, thanks to my boyfriend (who helped me a lot) it got ready in time. So today I didn't do that much, just hang around in our apartment, being lazy :)
Tomorrow I'm going on a shoppingtrip to Brussels. I'm hoping to still find some pieces from the Fashion Against Aids collection. Too bad H&M here in Louvain didn't have the collection. I really don't understand why this collection is only being sold at 5 shops in Belgium. If only we had an online H&M-shop here in Belgium!
Today I'm showing you guys these gorgeous items from River Island. I stumbled on their site a while ago and saved these pictures for when I'm going shopping in Amsterdam (which I hope to visit soon).

Have a great evening and I hope that I can show you guys some lovely buys tomorrow!
Source: River Island

mercredi 19 mai 2010

Cute Dress!

Sorry for my absence the past days, but things will be like this until the end of June when my exams are over. Right now I have a paper deadline, so that's what's keeping me away from this blog.
When I don't have time to shop, I just can't stop thinking about shopping. Guess we all know this feeling!
So to satisfy my need for new stuff I decided to make another Polyvore outfit. This outfit is one I would wear on a shoppingtrip (at least if I had al these beautiful pieces).

Mode Trends & Stijlen - Polyvore

Juicy Couture dress, Bloch flats, Chloé bag and perfume, Annette Ferdinandsen earrings & All Saints scarf.

I promise that there will be another outfitpost comming really soon! Have a nice evening!

mercredi 12 mai 2010

Another Wishlist!

I'm really sorry for the lack of posting, but we've misplaced our camera somewhere and can't seem to find it. I hope it's at my parents place and that I'll have it back tomorrow.
So today I'll be sharing another load of designer goodies that I LOVE, but just can't afford right now. The first 2 pairs of shoes are my favorites! Don't you just love all these pieces!
Have a nice evening!
Maison Martin Margiela Peeptoe Leather Boots
Alexander Wang Frejal Double Layer Boots
DKNY Tina Leather Bow Pumps
Proenza Shouler PS1 Medium Satchel
Mulberry Oversized Alexa Bag
Mulberry Bayswater Leather Bag
Source: net-a-porter

vendredi 7 mai 2010

Doortje Vintage

This post is about a lovely webshop that I discoverd yesterday, thanks to a girl in my boyfriend's class.
The shop is runned by 3 sisters, who named the shop Doortje Vintage (after their grandmother). They started the shop because they're all addicted to vintage. Not only do they sell beautiful clothes, shoes and purses, they also sell beautiful accesories, magazines and interior goodies!
I'm telling you guys, this is a great webshop that you should really visit. The site is available in Dutch and English (so everybody can shop there).
If the webshop isn't enough for you guys, you can still visit the real life shop in Eindhoven (Smalle Haven).
So enjoy the shopping on this wonderful vintage site and have a lovely weekend!

jeudi 6 mai 2010


I haven't got that much to say, just enjoy these stylish outfits, people, shoes, ... I get lots of inspiration from pictures like these!

Sources:, Face Hunter, The Sartorialist & sorry for the ones I forgot!

mercredi 5 mai 2010

Designer Goodies

These pieces are pieces that I would really love to have in my closet, but unfortunatelly I'm not that rich :) So I just keep on dreaming and from time to time I find something similar and much cheaper than the real deal.
Tomorrow there will be another "cleaning up my laptop" post, but I promise it's the last one!
Christian Louboutin Love 100 Suede Pumps
Givenchy Peeptoe Ankle Boots
Chloé Wedges (this is one of the shoes that I found much cheaper,
thank god for Zara: see here)
Chloé Marlow Leather Tote
Alexander Wang Leather Bag
Chloé Kira Leather Bowler Bag
Cute Dress (don't remember the brand/designer)
Haute Hippie dress
That's all for today, I'm going to spend the rest of my evening dreaming about these gorgeous designer goodies! Have a great evening!
Source: net-a-porter

lundi 3 mai 2010

A Little Bit Of Everything!

Another post with lots of things that a found on my laptop. Things that I like, that I want, ... I just save everything in files and hope that I'll find those pieces in stores or that I can make something myself that's almost the same.
Gorgeous jumpsuit from Zara
Penelope Cruz wearing a stunning dress
Old flyer from a party in Louvain, I'm planning
on making a similar dress
Another jumpsuit, the belt is so cute.
Very pretty shoes. If I remember correct, the flowers
are handmade by someone.

Sources: The first picture is from Nitro:Licious and that's the only source I can remember. I always forget to save the source with my pictures, such a bad habit!