dimanche 30 décembre 2007


Well, I don't wear earrings, because I have 8mm strechings. But I do love earrings and I buy pretty ones from time to time!
Yesterday I helped my sister clean out her room and I found these gorgeous earrings. She's got them from our grandmother, but I liked them so much she gave them to me. Happy me!
I plan to sew them on a black sweater or so, I'm not sure. But I'll find something nice to do with them.
Sorry for the bad picture, but I tried it several times and this one was the best.

samedi 29 décembre 2007

Inventory part 5

This is the last part of my inventory, but it is my favourite part. Today I'm telling you guys about my shoe-collection.
I own 35 pairs of shoes. But I'm not stopping at this amount, I just love buying shoes. The feeling when you come home with a new pair is super! Everytime I buy a new pair, I can't stop looking at them. 
I think, no I know, that I'm an addict.

I tried to put the shoes together by color and sort (pumps, flats and boots). A few pairs aren't in the pictures.

A part of my pump-collection. The brown ones are all secondhand, the red ones are by New Look and by Zara. The silver ones are Zara aswell and the black ones are by Urban Outfitters.
The Burgundy coloured pumps are my favourite ones! I got them at a secondhand shop in Leuven, they costed 25 euros. When I got home I noticed that they are Casa Dei's and when I looked it up on the internet I found out that they are expensive. So well done! 
3 pairs by New Look and the Turquoise slingbacks are secondhand for only 10 euros.
From left to right, top row: H&M, secondhand, secondhand.
From left to right: H&M, New Look, Sacha.
My flats. Really comfortable in summer and handy when I go shopping.
Left to right, top row: Zara, Sacha, Bershka.
Left to right: shop in Paris (only 2 euros), Zara, Shop in Paris.
My ankle boots. Weird, I really like ankle boots, but I only own 2 pair. The blue ones are H&M and the black ones are from a little shop in Leuven.
My boots. I just love wearing boots. I own 7 pairs of boots, but I need to buy more. I wear them so much that I need to go to the shoemaker once every 2 weeks.
Left to right: Secondhand (only 15 euros), secondhand, Zara.
Left to right: Invito, Invito and secondhand.

By posting this I really feel the need to go shopping again. But the sales are coming, so I think I might take 1 day of from studying to go shopping. I hope that I find lots of shoes.

vendredi 28 décembre 2007

Inventory part 4

Today I'm gonna talk about my bags. As I said a few posts below, I'm a baglady! Well I've counted my bags and I really really am a baglady. I own 42 bags and I'm proud of that.
Everyone at home says I'm crazy, but I can't help myself. Everytime I go shopping I find nice bags and I need to buy them.
I've taken some pictures, but not all my bags are in the pictures. I've picked my favourites.
I mostly buy clutches, they are my most favourite kind of bag/purse.

These are cluthes and purses that I can use as cluthes. All of them are secondhand except the red one is by Mango.

These are some smaller purses. The green one is by Bershka, the yellow one by New Look and the others are by H&M.

The gold one I got at H&M the others are secondhand. The black one on the left costed 3 euro, the other black one was only 1 euro and the red one was 2 euros.

This black purse on the left is my favourite. I got it from my grandmother last year. The clutches I got at a secondhand store and the one on the right is by H&M.

Once in a while I buy myself a big bag that I can use to go away for a weekend. This is my favourite amoung the bigger bags. I got it at Friss & Company and it costed 75 euros, but it was worth it.

jeudi 27 décembre 2007

My last shoppingday this year

Last friday I went shopping in Antwerp with my sister. My last shopping day untill the end of january. My exams start in 2 weeks and I need to do some serious studying, so no more shopping for me.
The good thing is that I save money and when I go back to shopping the stores will be filled with new clothes! I'm looking forward!

Because it was my last time, I decided not to doubt and buy everything I liked.
The first buy is this white blouse I got at Mango. I was searching a shirt like this for quite some time now, but the problem with white is that you need to find something not to transparant. This one isn't to transparant and costed 30 euros.

This dress I also got at Mango. It costed 55 euros and was one of the cheapest dresses that were in store.
I really like the floral design.

Another really wide skirt and finally a purple one. It only costed 13 euros in a really nice secondhand shop.

2 blue tights by H&M and the brown flats are from New Look and only costed 18 euros. Very comfy, especially when you go on vacation.

Finally I bought some new books. They're filled with vintage fashion-adds. Really beautiful to see. Only 14 euros for the 2 books.

mercredi 26 décembre 2007

Inventory part 3

Today I'm showing you guys my sunglasses.
I don't have that much sunglasses, I have 9. But most people I know only have 1 or 2, so my collection is a little bit bigger.
3 of my sunglasses aren't in the picuture, that's because I forgot them in Leuven.
Most of my glasses are by H&M, I really like the design of the H&M glasses and they're really cheap. Every year I buy at least 2 sunglasses at H&M.
The second on the right used to be my grandmothers, but she gave it to me.
As you can see I really like big sunglasses, small glasses really don't look good when I wear them.
I'm hoping for summer and sunny weather to come back soon, so I can start wearing them again.

mardi 25 décembre 2007

Merry Christmas

I wish you guys a very merry Christmas!
Enjoy the good times with your family, the nice dinners, the gifts, ...

samedi 22 décembre 2007


I was bored and searching the internet and I stumbeld on this great site: la cure gourmande.
It's a French store that sells cookies and chocolats. They have stores in France, Belgium and Spain.
That they sell cookies is great, but the thing I like even more is the packaging. It just makes me nostalic! They looks like grandmothers cookies-box and I just love that!
I'm gonna check the store in Brussels as soon as possible and buy everything they have ;) 
It's too bad I just found this site today, because the cookies would also make a great gift.
So check it out and be hungry!

Inventory part 2

Finally I managed to make pictures for my inventory-posts.
It's been already a month since I posted part 1. It took me so long because it isn't that easy to count and make pictures when stuff is lying home and other stuff is at my apartment.
So today: my belt collection!
I own 23 belts. I really like belts, because it's one of the most easiest ways to change an outfit.
But I also own belts that I've never worn. Maybe I need to think about them, when I dress myself up again.
I have belts by Bershka, H&M, Vero Moda, Secondhand, one my dad made for me and 2 gold ones that used to be my grandmothers, but she gave them to me.

jeudi 20 décembre 2007

Dress turns into skirt

I already have this dress for a few months now, but as you can see in the picture it's really big. It's way too big for me, but I couldn't leave it. I just love the fabric and it only costed 2,7 euros. So I'd be stupid not to buy it.
I decided I'm going to make a skirt out of it. First I wanted to make the dress smaller, but my grandmother (she's my sewing help) told me that it would be really hard to keep the shape of the dress nice. So a skirt it will be. When I'm starting this project I don't know, I don't have that much time now because my exams start in about a month and I need to do a lot of studying. But it will be my skirt one day!
Here's a little detailshot of the fabric. I think it's just the perfect fabric for a nice skirt.

lundi 17 décembre 2007

Another shopping day

As usual I went shopping last friday! I only went to H&M and Zara. The buys I'm showing today are all H&M. I also bought a black trenchcoat (FINALLY!!!!!) at Zara, but I'll tell you guys about that in another post.

This t-shirt has little stones around the neckline, but there not that clear in the picture. So you'll just have to believe me that it's really beautiful. The fabric is very soft, so it's a warm and comfy t-shirt, but the stones give it a fancy touch.
This dress reminded me of the dresses everyone in 'Sex and the City' wears to sleep. It only costed 15 euros and I can wear it to sleep and as a normal dress aswell.
I really like the white lace and that just makes the dress perfect.
Some brown overknees and a bleu wallet, stuff I just couldn't resist buying.

I went home for the weekend and my sister had a little surprise for me. She gave me this book about Olivier Strelli, which she got for free when she went to the movies. She didn't want the book, so I'm the new owner.
I must say the designs and clothes are not my cup of tea, but the book is fabulous. The pictures are beautiful, when I've got a scanner I'll try to post some of my favourite pictures.
The best part is ofcourse that she got it for free. I looked it up this morning and normally it costs 50 euros. Well, thank you sis!

dimanche 16 décembre 2007


Yesterday was party-time again! The party was really nice, but a bit too crowded and I was tired from working all day.
The picture was taken when I came home from the party, so I'm not gonna show you guys my tired face!
Dress: H&M
Clutch: Mango
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Zara

vendredi 14 décembre 2007

My shoe project

This is my first pair of secondhand shoes I've bought. I've got them for 4 years now, I think. When I bought them they weren't in a supergreat condition, but now they just were awfull... As you can see the leather is coming of and it looks like my shoes are black with grey, instead of black. 
Since I love all my shoes so much I just couldn't throw them away and I started a little DIY-project. I made all the grey spots black with a permanent marker and of course it's water-resistant. Now I hope it will stay on, but the result looks great if you ask me.

The first picture is just to show you guys how they look. I really like the bow on top.
The next two pictures are the shoes in the terrible state they were in.

This last picture is the 'new' shoe. When you look close you can tell the difference between the leather and the spots I coloured black, but when I'm wearing them they look like new. So as you can guess: I'm really happy I tried this marker-experiment.

jeudi 13 décembre 2007


Well sinds it is freezing outside and I really don't do well when it's so cold. I decided to buy some hats to keep my brain warm.

This white hat is my favourite. I got it from my mom and dad last week, when we went shopping together. It's EDC by Esprit, usually I don't find nice stuff there, but I was lucky this time.
A grey berret by H&M. At first I didn't like berrets, but as it turns out I'm really found of it at the moment. And at H&M they really are cheap.

mercredi 12 décembre 2007

Bag Lady

I really am a bag lady, I have so much bags and still I keep on buying new ones. I'm not sure about the total amount of bags I own, but I guess it will be around 30-40. I will tell you guys the complete amount when I get back on track with my inventory. I can't do that now, because there are purses, shoes, ... at home and here in my apartment. So maybe I'll post my inventory this weekend.
Back to bags now. I bought this bag at H&M a week ago. It's really easy to use when I go too school, because it's big enough for my books.
I really liked the color, that's what made me buy it.

lundi 10 décembre 2007

Family dinner

Yesterday we had to go to an early Christmas family dinner.  The dinner was nice and we had lots of fun playing games.

Cache-coeur: H&M
Dress: H&M
Clutch: Secondhand
Thights: H&M
Shoes: Secondhand

vendredi 7 décembre 2007

My sister, My legs

Last month my sister made her own blog: http://www.hillbilly-doll.blogspot.com
She studies photography in Antwerp and she uses the blog to show her very nice and beautiful pictures. When I looked today I was surprised to see my legs on her blog.
She made the picture for school, the theme was contrasts. So my red legs in contrast with the green grass (that doesn't look that green in this picture).
I thought it was a nice picture to share with you guys.
Now everybody knows who my sister is and you can go and visit her great blog aswell!


Yesterday I went to a dinnerparty with my classmates. Dinner was great and we had so much fun.
This was my outfit:
Necklace: Vintage from my mom
Cardigan: Zara
T-shirt: H&M
Skirt: Mango
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Secondhand

My purse isn't on the picture, but it's the red one from Mango (2 posts below). Yesterday I used it as a clutch.

mercredi 5 décembre 2007

The new shoes

As promised yesterday, here are my new shoes.
The black/greenish shoes are from Urban Outfiters and costed 58 euros. I finally found some nice black shoes again, the only black paires I have are peeptoes. Closed shoes are some much better when it's cold.
The bleu ones are from a secondhand shop for only 9 euros! What a buy!

mardi 4 décembre 2007

Back on track

Finally I'm back in business with blogging. I'm really sorry, but my internet refused to work and my computer broke down. But now I have a new computer, a gorgeous white macbook, so I won't leave you guys alone again.
Since there was no computer-time last week and the week before I did some serious shopping. But I didn't mind that at all.

The first buy is a black dress/long t-shirt with glitters from H&M. I just love the period around the holidays, there are always nice shiny things in stores and I just love them!
This is a grey/silver sweater by Vero Moda and again shiny. It's really loose and it has really wide sleeves, so comfy.
I finally found my black shinny latex looking leggings at H&M. Kinda expensive for leggings, 20 euros, but I just couldn't resist. The bleu top is also from H&M, I plan on using it as a bikini. It made me think of the color of an eighties prom dress.
The fake fur scarf and grey hat are from H&M (again). I was looking for a fur stole for some time now, but I wasn't able to find a nice one. So I bought this one, really cheap and I like it.
If you look good you can see a brooche on my hat. I bought it in a secondhand shop, it's nice to make an outfit look more pretty.
I also bought a giftset at H&M for myself. A girl can spoil herself once in a while!
Again another bag... I just needed to buy this one, it's by Mango and I don't have that many red bags. So why not buy it?
My boyfriend gave me the complete series of sex and the city as an early Christmas gift. So awesome. I can get some serious outfit inspiration out of that.
And I bought myself a book about stiletto's and one from taschen about Fashion Now. 
I decided that from now on I'm going to start with buying one book a week, like I used to do.
I also bought two pair of shoes, but I'm unable to upload that photo now, so I'll do that tomorrow.