dimanche 24 janvier 2010


I had a lazy sunday today and I loved it! Finally slept as long as I wanted, read in my new ELLE, went for a run with my boyfriend (well, that's not really being lazy :p) and finally made these necklaces that I wanted to make for some time now.
The cat-necklace is made out of an old brooche that I bought many years ago at H&M. Too bad I wore it once and the needle broke. Didn't knew what to do with it untill now.
The shoe-necklace, well the Barbie shoe-necklace is an idea that I read about on another blog. I really can't remember that blog anymore, because it has been for more than over a year. Perfect for me, a real shoe-lover!
What do you guys think of my new pieces?

mercredi 20 janvier 2010

2 Of My Favorite Things

Lately I'm having a thing for checked shirts and sequins (like always). I've been on a search for the perfect shirt since a while now, haven't found one yet. I tried one at H&M today, but even the 34 was too big. Really, sometimes I don't get those sizes at H&M. Let's hope I have some more luck next time!
So I made this set on polyvore, I started to miss polyvore after all that time. The sequined jacket is the central piece for both outfits. What do you guys think?
Too bad we don't have Topshop here in Belgium, because these shirts are absolutely fabulous!
Sequined jacket

lundi 18 janvier 2010

The Garden Collection!

So my exams are finally over, except for a presentation that I have next thursday. I'm so glad that I have some free time now, I've got so many things planned.
I read about the Garden Collection on several blogs already, but I still wanted to make this post because the collection is so beautiful. I want almost everything! The greatest part about this collection is that it's made out of recycled and organic materials! So that makes a 'green-girl' like me very very happy!
Enjoy the pictures, I know I'll be saving my money for all these beautiful pieces!

Photos courtesy of H&M

lundi 4 janvier 2010

No Time

In my previous post I said that I was going to post much more because I'm studying right now, well that turned out to be wrong :) I really haven't got the time to make some blogposts, outfitshots, etc. So I'm making this little post to let you guys know that I'll be back next friday (15th of January) when my exams are over. Right now I have to get back to my books (Egyptian art, Islamic art and European literature).
I still want to wish all of you a great 2010, a year in which hopefully all our dreams will come true!
I'm leaving you guys with this beautiful picture by Elliot Erwitt. Don't you just love it?!
See you guys soon!