samedi 30 mai 2009

Paris Part 2

For the moment I only have time for a very quick post. The deadlines for my papers are coming really close and I still have lots of work. That's why I'm such a bad blogger lately, I promise I'll be back posting more from the 10th of june.
I still have lots of pictures that I need to post. Yesterday I found these pictures that I took short after our trip to Paris. I forgot to post these. I didn't buy much on that trip, but bought the most amazing shoes and a beautiful skirt.
These shoes are from Zara and they were a lucky find. I found the other shoe on the other side of the store, the only pair left in my size. I'm so glad I have these. They remind me of these Margiela Boots that I've been lusting for like forever. Since my budget isn't prepared for some more Margiela these shoes from Zara are perfect to ease the pain.
This pretty dark blue skirt is from H&M and is just perfect for every occasion. It's my favorite skirt at the moment, so pretty and so easy to wear.

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  1. Hi Imelda :)
    wow I love the boots :) they are so cool! I also like the skirt, but the boots are just WOW
    Love and kisses

  2. Great stuff dear, but the boots are def a WOW, like Su said.

    Hope everything is ok with you sweetheart.



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