jeudi 18 juin 2009

Counting Down The Days

I'm right in the middle of exams and I'm so hoping it will be over soon. So next Tuesday I'll be very happy! Tomorrow I have exam number 3, I'm having trouble with focussing. There are 2 simple reasons for that :)
1. My boyfriend brought home the second season of Gossip Girl yesterday. All you GG-lovers out there know that when you see one episode you just have to see them all. I'm hoping for part 2 of season 2 to come out very soon, because I love all the drama.
2. I just read that H&M is collaborating with Jimmy Choo in november. And I must say I haven't been that excited since the collaboration with Viktor & Rolf. I saw these shoes on the Nitrolicious blog and I can't keep them out of my mind. I'm actually thinking of going to H&M in november and fight for these amazing shoes (the black ones, the zebra-print isn't my cup of tea)!
That's all for now. I should say I'm heading back to my books, but I think Gossip Girl is going to win for the rest of the evening.

6 commentaires:

  1. Oh veel plezier met gossip girl, en vooral veel geluk met de rest van je examens!!!!

  2. joepieee Gossip Girl, verslavend inderdaad ;)
    jammergenoeg moet ik nu wachten op seizoen 3, nog 2maand te gaan! AHGH

    veel succes met studeren verder!

  3. gossip girl is geweldig! Ga hem binnekort ook weer kopen heb seizoen 1 ook al op dvd dus vind dat ik de rest dan ook maar moet hebben! De schoenen zijn echt te mooi, ik zie ze ook al de hele tijd voorbij komen en raak er steeds meer verliefd op alleen denk ik dat ik er niet geweldig op kan lopen haha!

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  5. Hey, I hope things went alright.
    I do understand your GG addiction

    And the shoes..God, they are amazing :)

  6. Hope they will be comfortable!!


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