lundi 13 juillet 2009


Since I've been away for so long on this site I still have lots of things that I want to share with you guys. I bought lots of stuff when I was having some vacation, but still didn't do a post about all my new stuff.
In June my mom, my sister and I went to Eindhoven, as we do every year. Here in Belgium sales start in July, but in the Netherlands sales start sooner. Meaning, I got lots of new things hanging in my closet.
This t-shirt is from H&M. I'm normally not a big fan of prints like this, but I really like this t-shirt. It's even long enough to wear as a short dress. I love clothes that can be worn in different ways.
I already have this dress in blue. This one was 50% off and because I love wearing my blue one I decided that a second dress like this wasn't a bad idea.
Again a pair of shoes. My mom said that I have to many shoes,but I just couldn't resist. They were cheap, because they're from H&M. I love the cognac color and a pair of flat shoes is always very welcome in a city like Leuven with lots of unstable sidewalks.
I'm addicted to buying things for my appartment and I had fun at the decoration floors at De Bijenkorf and at V&D. I bought these 2 beautiful pieces and I can already imagine them in my new place.
Got a few accessories aswell. The hair pins are from H&M, like my new necklace with a recordplayer. I love this necklace and since my boyfriend is a DJ I just had to have this one. The keychain was just to cute to resist and 50% off.
That's it for now. I have to clean the appartment, since today is my day off. Have a fun day everyone.

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  1. el marco de fotos me ha parecido preciosos. Q clase


  2. Love it all, great post!! Hope you were able to get your cleaning done! xo

  3. Cute finds; I especially like the kokeshi doll keychain and the turntable necklace.

  4. Cute, cute and cute! Especially the turntable necklasc.

    H&M has indeed delivered some amazing stuff for their summer collection. I bought the tunic with blue-and-black zebra stripes, in the same style as the first item you bought, and I love it!

  5. aww, the frame and candlestick are too cute!

  6. hey, dankje voor je comment, het is inderdaad een heel leuke vakantiejob. Wat doe jij misschien voor werk?
    Mooie aankopen, vooral de kader en de kandelaar!

  7. The t-shirt/dress and the dress are very pretty, the shoes are adorable and the accessories too (I love that cute doll).
    You bought great things to your house too :)
    Lucky girl ;)

  8. Nice, nice.. you made me want to go shopping


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