mercredi 20 janvier 2010

2 Of My Favorite Things

Lately I'm having a thing for checked shirts and sequins (like always). I've been on a search for the perfect shirt since a while now, haven't found one yet. I tried one at H&M today, but even the 34 was too big. Really, sometimes I don't get those sizes at H&M. Let's hope I have some more luck next time!
So I made this set on polyvore, I started to miss polyvore after all that time. The sequined jacket is the central piece for both outfits. What do you guys think?
Too bad we don't have Topshop here in Belgium, because these shirts are absolutely fabulous!
Sequined jacket

5 commentaires:

  1. ik zoek dus ook nog steeds het perfecte ruitjeshemd maar nog steeds niet gevonden

    amai degene die ik al gezien heb: hoe lelijk kunnen ruiten gemaakt worden.
    het linkse hemd op jouw foto vind ik het mooist!

  2. ze moeten echt dringend hier een filiaal openen


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