mardi 9 février 2010

The Jacket That Started The New Year!

I took a 2 week holiday from this blog and I'm glad to be back. It's just that everytime when I have some free time I plan on doing so many things that I totally forget about blogging. I went home for 2 weeks and our wireless internet didn't work and I just hate it to sit at a desk, so I just ignore the computer when I'm home. I do have many things to write about and I'm back in Louvain, so expect lots of new posts.
This jacket is one of my favorites at the moment! Got it at H&M in december and I just love the colors and the fabric. I wore it to the New Years dinner my grandparents give every year (okay I know it's already february, but who cares?).
Do you guys love my jacket?
The Jacket!
I'm wearing: H&M jacket and dress.
Okay, these pictures are black&white, but it shows the fabric better.
Me and my sister. Don't know if she's going to be happy with this picture on my blog :)

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  1. love the jacket, happy late new year!

    also adore the kitty necklace from below, reminds me of my kitten :)

  2. Love the jacket! will be perfect with a little black dress

  3. geweldige jas ! en je zus doet me denken aan iemand die bij mij op school zat :)

  4. The jacket is fantastic and you and your sister are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I do love your jacket! Such pretty colors and textures. Oh! And my sisters have definitely banned my posting pictures of them. They won't allow it!

  6. superleuk jasje
    jullie lijken wel op elkaar - tof!

  7. I loooved that jacket! Wish we have H&M in here too :(

  8. Your jacket it's really cool. So nice that you've been having fun and some time to spare. Somethimes it's really necesary

  9. btw, jij en je zus lijken zo hard op elkaar!!!


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