samedi 3 juillet 2010


This is the thing that always happens to me, when my holiday starts I take some time off from this blog. I do it without any warning and I really don't plan on doing it, but it just always turns out this way.
I did have a wonderful week :) Last monday I went shopping in Maastricht (and enjoyed a little bit of the football-crazyness), I already watched an entire season of Gilmore Girls, I enjoyed the really hot weather here in Belgium, ...
I bought some lovely stuff the past week, so I'll have lots of thing to talk about.

3 commentaires:

  1. ken het, met mooi weer verlies je bloggen uit het oog

  2. You did well, my dear! Enjoyed your free days, that's what matter's.
    But I'm looking forward to see the new pieces ;-)

    Hope you're having a nice weekend


  3. Looking forward to seeing your new purchases, love! Keep on enjoying the season!!


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