lundi 5 novembre 2007

Balenciaga Blazer

When I was looking at some blogs I found this picture with the most beautiful blazer. Usually when I got my mind set on something I never find it. Or in this situation something like it, because I could never afford this. So now I'm searching for a dark blue blazer and I'll try to make it look like this.

Today my boyfriend and me went shopping in Antwerp. Didn't find a blazer, but I bought lots of other stuff. I'll post them and my outfit tommorow, I'm to tired now.
I did also found the Mango dress I was talking about thursday. It also comes in black and it costs 99.90 euros. It was a little bit to expensive for me and it was to long for me aswell, so it didn't look nice at all. I might have felt worse about it if I didn't bought anything today, but my others buys made me happy again.

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