mercredi 14 novembre 2007

Inventory part 1

Sorry for not posting this week, but I was really busy with school and I forgot my camera when I went home for the weekend. My camera is with me now and I finished my schoolwork, so I'll by posting more from now on.

I was cleaning up my room at home and my appartment here in Leuven and I started to make an inventory about all the accessories and shoes I have.
I'll post the inventory in 5 parts, so today: my scarfs!
I never used to be a big scarf-fan, but lately I bought lots of new scarfs. I just get attracted by the beautiful colors and designs. They're not all that warm and sometimes I really don't now how to wear them. But I keep on buying them, so I need to start trying new combinations.
I own 17 scarfs. This picture shows my favourite scarfs. Most of them are from H&M, some are secondhand and the bleu one is an old scarf from my mom.

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