lundi 21 avril 2008

Favourite dress and jacket!

Lately I've been shopping so much I couldn't even keep up in my blog posts. It seems that I'm getting more and more addicted to shopping. Maybe it's because of this blog and all the pretty things I see on other blogs? Well, I don't know, but I still love shopping. I could go shopping every single day. Only my bank account isn't too happy about all my shopping. Like my closet, it's exploding, I haven't got place enough for all my clothes and my bedroom at home is filled with shoes. I guess that's life for a girl like me!

Last week I bought a dress and a cardigan/jacket and they both became my most favourite pieces (even sometimes I think everything I own is my favourite piece).
The dress is from Mango. It's my second piece from the Penelope & Monica Cruz collection for Mango. I'm a big fan of their collection, even though sometimes I find some pieces too expensive for my studentbudget (especially because I'm saving up for a pair of Sonia Rykiel shoes). This dress was 60 euros, really not much because I know I'll wear this dress so much. I just love the flowers and the color combination. The neckline is something different aswell.
If the weather could just get a little bit warmer, than I could wear this dress without a cardigan and that would be even better!

The cardigan/jacket is from Zara and it was 50 euros. I was searching for a navy blue jacket for over a year now. In my opinion this one is perfect. The fabric is so soft, I love the golden buttons, of course the color is great and it's really warm (perfect for wearing during cold days). I've also added a picture that shows the back of this jacket. I know these 2 pictures aren't good, but I tried several times and this was the best I could do. When I wear it you'll get better pictures, promised.

Wow, I had a lot to say today. Weird, because usually it takes me a while to write my posts and I never have anything to say it seems.
I'm still working on my Barcelona post. It's taking me so long because we made so many pictures and I need to resize them (1 picture is about 1,2 MB and that would just take up too much space). Not having photoshop myself isn't helping either.
I promise the post will be online sunday!

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  1. Lately, I've been shopping a lot, too. Can't explain it but as you said I'm loving it.

    Your dress is beautiful. Also the jacket...but I wonder why your bank account isn't happy with your purchases, 50 euros?, wow!

  2. Love your dress, never saw one like it at Mango, maybe they don't put the same cothes in every stores, don't know.
    But I love it and I wish I could find one similar.
    Also the jacket is great and a big trend.


  3. GASP at the print on that dress! LOVELY.

  4. That dress is so darling, greatest buy!

  5. lovely dress!

    we wait for your barcelona post, ;-)

  6. very very very beautifull dress....
    please, send me your mail because i´m going to privatice!.


  7. Hi Imelda,
    I'm visiting your blog for the first time and i really like it.Your style is so good!

    I love those floral dress and navy cardigan from Zara- I hope it will be in polish Zara too.

    And about your post "Shop till I drop"- I'm sure that those floral scarf is from Poland- it's our original, national print, especially in south of Poland- in Cracow or Zakopane:)

    I would appreciate if you visit my blog and leave your opinion about my outfits,
    Best wishes, Joanna

  8. I really like the dress and the buttons on the jacket are great! Yes, our bank accounts never love our shopping habits!

  9. I love the florals on that dress, and the double breasted jacket :)

  10. I love that jacket! What kind of material is that made of?

  11. so jealous! i'm broke! i could shop everyday too.

    i've been wanting a floral dress. i tried one on the other day but it wasn't what i was looking for. the search continues!!

  12. being a shopaholic is dangerious stuff. Anyways I love the dress! it's so pretty.

  13. that´s the story of my life too!
    i have so many clothes in so little space... my wardrobe is exploding just like yours!!

    nice jacket... it´s lovely!


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