mardi 8 avril 2008

Writing all weekend and my streetstyle favourites!

I'm sorry (AGAIN) for not posting this weekend. I do have a really good excuse! Yesterday I had to turn in a huge paper for school and I always start way to late with my papers. So I had to write the entire weekend. Thanks to my boyfriend, who helped me a lot, I got the paper finished 15 minutes before the deadline.
Yesterday evening and today I didn't do so much, went to the store for food and was browsing internet for a nice appartment for next year. Tomorrow I'm going to Antwerp, shopping with my sister!
There is still so much I need to post: outfits from Barcelona, a Barcelona recap, my buys from Barcelona, my buys from Antwerp (like 3 weeks ago), my outfit shot from today, ...
I'll get to that as soon as possible, but today I'm showing my streetstyle favourites. 

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  1. cool style and blog you've got.
    bye bye

  2. I'm glad you did your work on time ;)
    Yes, I'm looking forward your posts about all the things you talked about,with lots of pictures...

    These photos are great and stylish.


  3. I really like the yellow and black combos, and I have that all black sartorialist shot saved to my computer too! It's a wonderful example of how a monochrome example can be stunning.

  4. love the black on black, and the final one is so laid-back chic

  5. I use to always start too late on papers too I would procrastinate soo much. Love the last picture, thank you for sharing!!

  6. i love yellow dress girl's outfit, and yellow tights girl's outfit is cool too!

  7. hey great blog. would u like to link?

  8. I love some of these looks! I'm going to take some ideas from them.


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