mardi 9 décembre 2008

Beauty Shopping

I'm not only a shoe-addict, I'm also addicted to buying beautyproducts. Of course I have some new products to show to you guys right now.
I went to The Body Shop with my sister a few weeks ago and of course I couldn't resist buying some nice smelling products. I bought myself the Moringa body scrub and body butter and these products are so lovely. I also bought the Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter. I'm so glad they have this smell in stores again. I bought some of these products last spring and I love them so much, that's why I really didn't like the idea that it was a limited edition... Well, not anymore! (Sorry for the awfull picture)
I'm not a big fan of eyeshadow, but from time to time I use some. I was excited to find out that Bourjois had launched a limited vintage collection of their eyeshadows. The colors are the same, but the packaging is so beautifull. I really had to control myself, because I wanted them all.

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  1. die doosjes zijn indd zo enorm gaaf!

  2. Hi Imelda :D

    I also love The Body Shop products! I have both "Brazilian Nut" (body lotion and shower gel) and "Coconut" (body butter and perfume oil). I love both fragrances but the coconut one is soooooooooooooooooo amazing!

    I don't know the fragrances of those you bought, but I always wanted to try the "japanese cherry blossom"!

    The "Bourjois" products are so awesome and cool! That vintage collection is great... I guess I'm buying something from that range :P I bet I can't resist it, if I "crash" into some "accidently" in a store :P


  3. "Bourjois" vintage collection is sooooooo lovely.
    I love Body Shop products. I also use them.

    Is everything ok, sweetie???

    All the best

  4. Those packages are so lovely! I would definitely be tempted to buy them just for the little containers!

  5. Aren't the body shop products absolutely gorgeous! I love the coconut body scrub it smells divine! Lovely blog by the way! It's the first time i've come across it and I love it, especially the d.i.y plans you have for the white t-shirt. I'd love to see the follow up. I've also added you to my fave blogs!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I wish we could find bourjois here in canada!
    The body shop has the ymmiest things,always good for a last minute gift.

  7. cool! Japanese Cherry Blossom sounds awesome

  8. AH I love the body shop! Everytime I pass by I get a whiff of great smells from the store. and those eyeshadow pots are adorable, I also like benefit's makeup cute!

  9. I love pretty packagings... They make beauty products look like candy, and you've gotta love that.

    Love your site!

  10. there's nothing better than the body shop butter!

  11. Great stuff!

    Imelda, I wanted to let you know you that my blog Coloured bleu has moved to, hope you give me a visit someday soon and don't forget to update your links with the new url (;

  12. oh i have those bourjois eyeshadows, i'm not a eyeshadow fan either but those wre just too lovely to pass by


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