mercredi 3 décembre 2008

Hasselt Part 2

The Celine scarf from my last post wasn't the only thing I bought in Hasselt, although there weren't that much great things in stores then.
I did find this lovely bolero at New Look. It's really warm and the texture is great. The color is a bit more pink than it shows in this photo. I was lucky with the price aswell, because they charged me the English pound price in euros, so it was 10 euros cheaper than normal.
Finally I found some nice teacups in the thriftshop, for 1 euro or something. I was searching cups like these for some time now, but I wasn't able to find some untill now.
I know this is a short post, but I'm trying to post more often from now on. I'm still drowning in all my schoolwork, so I'm really happy if I find the time to make a short post. Please bare with me!

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  1. oh de theekopjes zijn echt héél schattig!

  2. Oh, I love the bolero with the bat sleeves.
    And that china so beautiful.
    Lucky girl ;)

    Hope everything is great, my dear.
    Take care, all the best
    Have a wonderful December


  3. de kopjes zijn sijn superschattig!

  4. Hi :D
    That's a great bolero (it's also my style - I like bolero's a lot)!
    Those cups are lovely and classic!
    I got a terrible cold this week :( I've been sick since the last weekend, but as soon as I get better I'm going to visit Christmas street markets to see if I can find cute stuff :) I'm looking for some vintage jewellery and clothes (from the 30's or 50's)! I do that every year and sometimes I find lovely things :)

  5. mooi die kopjes! :)

    ja zo'n ladies night is echt wel grappig :D en tof ook, je kan je haar laten doen en je laten smincken, en je krijgt lekkere hapjes :D

    mmmm nu waren het zo ijspralines van magnum! yummie! :)

  6. That bolero is really nice and those teacups and saucers are truly sweet. I don't think the post is too short, it's just fine!

  7. hey hey! lang geleden
    oman ik ben zo verliefd op die theekopjes, ze zijn prachtig

  8. I love snow and boleros too :) Hope you are having a wonderful Friday..


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