vendredi 9 janvier 2009

Photo Tag

The lovely Léonie from Madame Mode tagged me. I had to pic the 4th folder on my computer and I had to post the 4th picture in that folder. I think this is a nice tag and I'm showing you guys this photo. It's a picture taken in Paris somewhere in the 1920's, that I found on the Sugarpluminvitations blog. I'm a huge fan of photograhy and I really like old Paris pictures. I'm sorry this isn't a personal picture, but my computer crashed a while ago and I'm still restoring the damage. The only maps I have on my computer right now is the one with blog pictures and one with nice vintage photographs I find surfing the web.
I have to tag 4 other people and I choose: Sue, The Seeker, Sam and Becky Lou.
I own lots of books with old pictures. One of my favourites is 'Paris Mon Amour' from Taschen. I can spend hours watching those photos and I dream away every single time. In that book I found the perfect picture for my header, which was still white. The picture is called 'Le Baiser de l'Hôtel de Ville' and it's taken in 1950 by Robert Doisneau. I'm totally in love with this photograph!
What do you guys think?

11 commentaires:

  1. I love Doisneau! I went to an exhibition in Paris two years ago, where I bought a catalogue and a poster... Can't resist looking at the pictures when I'm in the mood for something nostalgic!!

  2. The photo is wonderful! I would have though it was from the 30's though, if you didn't say. It's amazing! :o)

  3. OMG that picture is just amazing, love it.
    And thank you for thinking of me, this seems to be funny.


  4. I love that photo and also your new header!
    By the way, I'm back and my hand is ok now :)

  5. I love pictures from that era too, everything was so glamorous.

  6. Jeeej ben getagd - ga er deze week werk van maken!

    heel mooie foto trouwens!

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