mercredi 18 février 2009

Too Busy With School

Finally I found the time to make a quick post on my blog. I really hate the fact that I don't have that much time anymore to blog. I'm so busy with all the papers I need to make for school this semester. I hate it!
I'm having some photoshop problems aswell. I hope these are fixed really soon, so I can start posting all the things I want to share with you guys. I'll really do my best to find some more time to do a post and to check out your blogs. It's a shame, I know!
I still don't have any photos on this computer, so today I'll post this photo. That girl is wearing the perfect outfit! Love it! Source: The Sartorialist.

10 commentaires:

  1. none of us have time!! Also wanted to say those MMM boots are awesomely beautiful!

  2. She is really cute, I love the shoes :)
    Good luck with the school papers!

  3. Love your blog stories & cute outfit!

  4. She's perfect..I love her scarf and purse!

  5. She's really inspirational.

    Good luck with all your work dear.


  6. I love her outfit friend..
    I like your post,Hope to see you on my blog too one of these days..=)
    Good luck on your schooling,take care..=D

  7. This look is simply amazing!! :)

  8. I absolutely adore the Moschino blouse!

    La C.


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