samedi 28 février 2009

Can It Please Be Christmas Again?

I know I haven't been around much (school and weekendjob), but I haven't stopped thinking about fashion for one minute. Lately I've been dreaming about having so many pretty things, too bad I don't have the money for these beauties! Why could't it be Christmas again, so I can dream that these beautifull shoes are under our tree.
Rupert Sanderson
Bottega Veneta
And why not put these lovely clothes from Moschino Cheap & Chic under the tree for me aswell?!

Everything is from
Oh and I would love for you guys to know more about me, so if you guys have some questions you want an answer to: Just ask me in this post comments and I'll answer them!

13 commentaires:

  1. OMG I love all the stuff my dear!!!!!!!

    Those second shoes, I want a pair like that sooooooo badly!!!

    Have a nice weekend.


  2. Hi Imelda :)
    My fave pair is the Rupert Sanderson one. I also love that Moschino blouse, it's adorable :)
    P.S.: I hope you can post more often!

  3. I love that Bottega Veneta shoes and and the clothes. Can I also have them :)
    I agree on Stiletto Effect you should post more

  4. oh ik wil al die dingen ook wel onder een kerstboom terug vinden!
    euhm... een vraag
    ah, wat voor weekendjob doe je? ik heb er zelf ook een gehad (kassa in de delhaize) maar ben er mee moeten stoppen (te veel schoolwerk)

  5. Ooh, that ruffle blouse and dark green skirt are love! Oh yes, I want presents. :)

  6. i love the cream ruffle top and that green skirt

  7. Die dingen zou ik wel in me kast willen hebben!

  8. Die schoenen! Want them!

    En ik heb wat voor je op m'n blog. Als het er nog niet op staat, is het omdat ik er dan nog bezig mee ben

  9. I love the Givenchy heels but I don't see me wearing them :( The blouse & green skirt are my favourites !

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