mercredi 28 octobre 2009

Beautiful Happiness

You guys already know that I'm a real beauty-addict. Over the past two weeks I bought some really great new products.
My new addictions are Nuxe-products. Nuxe is already on the market since 1957 and nature plays a very important role in their products. Things to remember: all products are free from animal ingredients, almost 80% of the ingredients are of natural origin, everything is dermatilogical tested and last but not least all products smell great and just are the best in my opinion.
I bought the Aroma-Perfection Gel Nettoyant Purifiant to use from time to time, because it's actually for oily skin; the Lait Démaquillant aux 3 Roses which smells great and feels so soft on your skin and the Rêve de Miel crème Mains et Ongles. I also got lots of little testers from different Nuxe products. My favorite amongst them is the Huile Prodigieuse which you can use on your body, face and hair. I must say, this one is the best of all Nuxe products!
To be honest, I want almost everything they have on their site. So take a visit if you're not afraid to end up broke! :)
I finally bought myself a serum to wear under my day cream. I choose the Aqualia Thermal Serum from Vichy, because it hydrates and that's just what I need.
When I went to the Label.Fashion Focus party in may I received a coupon for a free Kiehl's lip balm and I finally had the time to pass by the store. I'm glad I did, because it's perfect to use in this colder weather.
What's your beauty-addiction or which products do you really like? I'm curious to read your comments :)

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  1. wauw - wat een arsenaal aan producten - dan heb je wel een zijdezacht huidje ;)

  2. i just have to say that i ADORE your header photo!!! where is it from?

  3. @ Sue: Ja ik weet het, soms is het nogal moeilijk om mij in te houden :) Zolang ze goed hun werk doen, vind ik het nog niet zo heel erg.

    @ Fashion Tidbits: It's a photo by Robert Doisneau and it's called 'Le Baiser de l'Hotel de Ville'. It's taken in Paris in 1950. You should really check out his work, he's my absolute favorite photographer!
    For more information:

  4. Hello my sweetie, hope all is great with you.
    I'm a fan of Esté Lauder produts.


  5. Ik had nog nooit van Nuxe gehoord :$
    Ik heb liever de traditionele Bodyshop-productjes en sinds kort ook die Rituals.
    Kiehl's lipbalsem heb ik ook al gehad, die kon me echt wel bekoren!

  6. Nog nooit van het merk gehoord! Ik heb ook niet echt van die verzorgingsproducten die ik dagelijks gebruikt, alleen heb ik spul voor als het nodig is en meestal heeft me moeder het dan wel!

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  8. wow dat wil ik ook haha
    ik heb geen geld voor dat soort dingen, alles gaat op aan schoenen T_T
    I actually own Aldi facial cream XD hahahahaha! maar dat was omdat ie goed werd getest door de consumentengids

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