samedi 23 juillet 2011

My Weekend

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I didn't abandoned this blog, I've just been too busy to blog.
This thursday the boyfriend and I went to The Hague to find an apartment. We'll be going back in about 2 weeks, because luck wasn't on our side that day. 
Yesterday I went to Tomorrowland, and I'll be there today and tomorrow aswell. As you might know my boyfriend is a D&B dj and he has to play there today. So if you're going to tomorrowland, go to the Star Warz Stage at 14u30 o'clock and check out Alert (my man) & Bonafide :-)
Last night I took some pictures with my phone, of course I forgot my camera. The quality isn't that good, but I still wanted to share my first impressions of the festival. I'll be back with more and better photos on monday.

The prettiest stage in my opinion is the Q Dance stage. The hardstyle that is played there isn't my style of music at all, but I enjoy every kind of music when I'm at a festival.

Have a nice weekend and maybe I'll see you at Tomorrowland.

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  1. ben er nooit geweest, bestond eigenlijk niet in mijn tijd, wij moesten het doen met I love techno!!!!! have fun, still a huge fan of trance music

  2. Oh, wat leuk dat je vriend daar moet draaien!!
    En jammer dat je appartement-hunt in de haag niet positief verliep, je hebt nog tijd!!

  3. zoooo jaloers! wou daar zo graag naar toe maar t was al uitverkocht :s
    amuseer je!

    x Je suis Sophie

  4. hoop dat t wat meeviel met dat regenweer - dan heb ik echt geen zin in een festival!

  5. Oooh :( stop driving me crazy with t-land madness :p My bf is there with ALL of our friends and I couldn't go because I didn't have any money when they bought a ticket :/

    Miss you by the way! It has been SO long ago!

  6. Ooh da's idd supertof dat je vriend daar draait :) zal wss een leuk weekend geweest zijn, ben al benieuwd naar de andere foto's!

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