lundi 25 juillet 2011


This weekend at Tomorrowland was so much fun, but very exhausting (festivals always are).
The boyfriend played a great set, we saw some amazing dj's, danced & laughed a lot, ... And even the weather was a little bit on our side, too bad it was so cold.
Because of the weather the keywords for this outfit were layers, warm and comfortable.
 Scarf: H&M
Jacket: H&M (Gift by the boyfriend)
Cardigan: H&M
T-shirt: New Look (new)
Pants: Zara
Boots: Tango
Purse: Vintage

Of course I have some other pictures to share with you guys. Too bad I'm not such a good photographer, but I still hope you like them.

My man in action pt. 1
My man in action pt. 2
The most beautiful tiramisu I ever ate. We were allowed backstage on saturday, so we had dinner there.

How was your weekend?

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  1. love the different knitted fabrics. so strange you have to wear all this heavy fall stuff but you look great. love the cardigan, gorgeous color and heavy knit

  2. Ooh, ziet er heel leuk uit! Jammer dat de zon niet meer geschenen heeft maar toch :)

  3. Mooie sjaal, spijtig dat je die in al in juli hoef te dragen, dan Belgisch weer '-)

  4. Looks fun. You look so cute!


  5. Wonderful scarf. You look great in it. Similar scarves, but other colors can also be found on the website heppin

  6. I like the outfit!

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