mercredi 28 mai 2008

Black and Red

I created this blog for posting about my views on fashion and to tell you guys what I like, what I bought, etc. One of the most important reasons for me to start a blog was to share my outfits with you guys. Lately I've been posting so little outfits shots and I thought it was time to change that.
So here's my outfit for today. One of the most important things is comfort right now, because I'm studying for my exames (that's probably why I look so tired). Most of the days, when I'm studying, I'm wearing a hoodie and baggypants, but today I wanted to wear something else, including heels. In times of studying I really miss my heels.
T-shirt: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Tights: H&M
Shoes: secondhand
I also added a detailshot of my shoes, because I think they're really pretty!

9 commentaires:

  1. ooooooooooh fantastic, you look really nice!...
    i love your combination!...perfect dear.

  2. those are cute heels!
    good luck with your exams :)

  3. oh i love how black and red goes together! those shoes are great!

  4. Loving the shoes over here haha! Ik vind ze echt super! En ik had vandaag m'n Hugo Boss enkellaarsjes (?) aan en ik bedacht me gelijk dat ik je vraag nog moest beantwoorden over waar ik ze vandaan had! Sorry dat het zo laat is! Maar ik heb ze in februari in de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam gekocht. Ik geloof alleen dat ze die nu niet meer hebben, had ze laatst toen ik er was niet meer gezien.

  5. You look great dear, and your shoes are really amazing.
    Hope everything is going ok with your exams. Soon it will be over.
    Good luck.


  6. SO pretty! I love the strap on it! lovely.

  7. voor je rokje/ panty/ schoenencombi vind ik superleuk!


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