vendredi 30 mai 2008

H&M Fall/Winter

I've already seen these pictures featured on a lot of blogs, but that will not stop me from posting my favourites from this collection.
I can't wait untill this collection is in stores. I want everything in the pictures! That will mean I do need to save some money first, but with exams on it's way that will not be a problem.

I Want: this coat, the skirt and the shoes.

I want: The top, the skirt and the shoes again.
I want: this amazing blouse.

pictures taken from nitro:licious.

6 commentaires:

  1. such amazing photos
    and the blouse and the coat are lovely!x

  2. Loved the pictures.
    I want that blue skirt the blouse of the third picture and the shoes!!!


  3. I wish they have a H&M store in Singapore!

  4. it seems like you want everything! :P that is the wonder of advertising.

    the coat IS divine though

  5. the coat from the first picture is amazing. AMAZING


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