mercredi 21 mai 2008

Collection Of Style

Finally I found some time to do a post again!
I know I haven't been a good blogger lately, but I've just been really busy with school. I have a paper that needs to be ready tomorrow and exams are starting in about 2 weeks. I can't wait untill it's june 27th, that's the day my summerholiday starts! So I will be able to enjoy this nice weather to the fullest and of course post much more then I'm posting now.

Last week I read this great post @ Nitrolicious about Collection Of Style (COS) by H&M. I really love this brand. In Belgium we have 2 COS-stores, 1 in Brussels and 1 in Antwerp. Everytime I go shopping in 1 of these city's COS is one of my favourite places to stop by. Eventhough I've never bought anything there, usually they don't have my size anymore, I still love this brand so much. showed pieces from the Autum/winter 2008 collection and I chose my absolute favourite pieces, eventhought the entire collection is great.

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  1. Imelda, my dear, welcome back!!!
    We were missing you :)
    But we understand that you've many things to do with your studies.
    I know, I've been there.

    Nice collection, I must check it.

    Take care dear

  2. hey!
    i love the last outfit, so simple, so chic

  3. The dresses are lovely. I totally understand your lack of posting, I'm suffering of the same disease...

  4. I also love COS, it's very Marni-like and simple elegance is always a go. I own a couple of items, but I don't know about next season though. Seems a little too rigid for my taste. The last pic is nice though. I'm always a sucker for black/white combinations!

  5. I esp. love the last one!

    thanks for kind comment btw :-)

  6. the third dress is gorgeous! im a sucker for dresses like this!
    your blog is cool :)
    fancy swapping links?
    email me or comment me back
    love blossomclothingx

  7. I like it- classic, but stylish. I especially love high waisted skirt from last photo. Hugs from Poland:)

  8. ohh i love these looks. these are my kind of dresses!

  9. these are all great pieces it makes me want to go shopping! Thanks for posting!

  10. I've been really stressed out too, hope your work load lightens! I really like some of those pieces. The collection is quite nice.

  11. I love the second and last outfit! And, of course, I love you Sonia Rykiel shoes, they are amazing!!


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