samedi 6 septembre 2008

Im Happy!

I really happy at the moment, because my exams are finally over and I have 2 and a half weeks of vacation. My last exam went really really good, the professor said that I did a great job and he had nothing else to add :) But now I'm really stressed because next friday I'll get my grades and I really hope I passed every course!
All my furniture and other stuff has been moved to the new apartment, next week we're going to decorate the place, because now everything is a mess (lucky I'm at home for the moment). Of course we have planned a little trip to Ikea for some more things to place in our new place.
Today I don't have any pictures, I was to lazy to take pictures and I'll be leaving any minute to an open-air festival here in the neighbourhood. FUN!
However, here is one of my favourite videoclips ever! Gotan Project is one of my favourite bands and this song (Santa Maria Del Buen Ayre) is amazing! Just like the video, I love Tango! Everytime I see this video it makes me want to start dancing again, not only hiphop this time, but Tango aswell! Maybe this is a nice plan for the future. Enjoy!

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  1. Hopelijk heb je een goed resultaat en dan kun je echt genieten in je nieuwe appartementje!

  2. Have fun decorating your new home, and dn't think about your grades, everything will be fine, and you'll have great ones.


    PS- Enjoy your trip

  3. congratulations! is so nice when exams are over, enjoy girl!

  4. Enjoy your holiday, and try not to worry about your grades! I love decorating, it's lovely to have a new place to start all over from, have fun with it:)

  5. oh! i love tango too!
    you are always worry about your grades...but for what i had read you always got A´s!

    don´t worry be happpy :D

  6. aaah goed dat je ook gedaan hebt!!! nu nog wachten op ons puntjes, spannend ;) ik en mijne mama hebben ook een Ikea uitstap gepland (niet dat we iets nodig hebben :p maar is wel leuk voor als het eens regent). Veel plezier op het festivalletje


  7. Hahaha, thank you! I think we will move next month!

  8. congrats on finishing your finals! hope you ended up doing well :D

  9. How did it go? What are the grades? Hope it all went well!

  10. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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