vendredi 17 octobre 2008

One Year

Well, today this blog turns one year old and you guys can't believe how happy I'm with this news! The only thing I can hope for is that this year is even going to be better than the last and that there are so many years of blogging to come! I've really enjoyed myself the last year with posting all the things I bought and all my outfits shots, but most of all I like the fact that I've met so many people (from all around the world) that love fashion as much as I do. And eventhough I haven't met them in real live I think of them as friends!
I hope I can find the time to post this weekend, but I'm not sure because I've got a big meeting comming up next monday with the promoter for my bachelorpaper. Maybe there will be a little post, but I promise I'll check out your blogs on monday!
And for today I'm leaving you guys with the last things that I bought at H&M over the past weeks.
First of all my new wintercoat, which my mom and dad bougth for me (so sweet). It's just perfect with the wider sleeves and the big collar for when it gets really cold.
This little suitcase was an impulse buy, but I didn't regret it at all. Sometimes I think it looks a little bit childish, but I just love it. And some outfits can use a funny accent! BTW, if I remember correct they were sold out really fast.
This mustardyellow scarf has been on this blog already, since I bought it some weeks ago and I can't stop wearing it. It's so soft and the color is just perfect!

5 commentaires:

  1. Congrats on your first year!
    I love blogging too, it's so much fun isn't it?!
    & that scarf looks so warm!

  2. thats such a cute suitcase! all my suitcases are black and boring...haha
    and happy birthday to your blog! wooo!

  3. Happy birthday voor het jaartje bloggen ! Die jas is echt mooi !
    Ik vraag me af waarom ik nooit mooie stukken in de H&M vind, bah.

    PS: Bedankt voor de link ;)

  4. Hip Hip hoera! Al 1 jaar aan t bloggen ;)

    het valiesje is echt heel mooi - impusieve koopjes zijn vaak de beste (of de slechtste;))


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