jeudi 23 octobre 2008

Same Skirt, Different Look

I'm feeling a little bit sick today. I spended the day in my pyjamas and so there will be no outfitshot today.
I made another collage on Polyvore. I used the same skirt twice and came up with 2 different looks.

7 commentaires:

  1. De rok is echt geweldig - wil ik echt hebben!!!

  2. Gave rok zeg! En je hebt tenminste iets leuks te doen als je je niet zo goed voelt

  3. Great combos inspiration, love the second so much.

    Hope you're feeling better dear, and get well soon.


  4. lovee the skirt!
    reallly! it´s so beautiful. i like how you make it look so casual in the first outfit :D

  5. giiivee mee that skirt nowwww! so perfect.


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