mercredi 29 octobre 2008

New Things

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Antwerp. We wanted to do some shopping and visit the Margiela exhibition. We ran out of time to visit the exhibition, but I'm going back next week to visit the exhibition, because it's a can't miss!
I really didn't find that much (my boyfriend bought a lot of things), but we had a great day!

I bought these cute booties at Hema, they're so warm and cute! Perfect for those cold days comming up.
These nerd-glasses are from Urban Outfitters. I never thought I would be able to pull this look off, but I didn't look too bad. I promise there will be some pictures online soon.
I already have this belt in black, I really like it so much, that I bought it in brown aswell.
This cute scarf is from one of my favourite secondhand stores, it's so pretty.
This picture doesn't really look that good, because the colors are so much more bright in real life.
I know this post is really short, but I'm in a rush to get my schoolwork finished. I still wanted to make a post about my buys yesterday, because I really missed blogging the last days.
Today my boyfriend and I are together for 3 years and a half and we're having a nice dinner tonight and will probably watch Eastern Promises (I bought it yesterday).
I promise there will be more outfitshots comming up soon and I'll also add something new to this blog: I have such a big dvd-collection, so from time to time I'll post a review about the movies we saw.

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  1. -i just discovered yr blog & love it! i live in oxford miss & spent time in europe in the 90s & ur reminding me of how great it is! merci-maria

  2. Stuk voor stuk allemaal mooie items maar mijn aandacht gaat toch meer naar dat nerdbrilletje. Ik ben enorm benieuwd naar de foto's !

    Laat het etentje smaken & proficiat met jullie 3,5 jaartjes!

  3. Wow fantastische dingen gekocht! Ben vooral gek op... Euh, eigenlijk alles, hahaha!

  4. super mooie dingetjes vooral de riem!
    hé jullie zijn evenlang samen als ik en mn vriend! proficiat!

  5. Those boots are sooooooo cute and seems so comfy.
    The other sutf is also great.
    And hope you'll se the Margiela exhibition, sounds exciting.

    Take care dear


  6. die sloefjes zijn er zo lekker warm uit - ideaal om thuis rond te hangen met een warme chocomelk

    De sjaals is super

  7. hi pretty...
    there´s lot of time that i don´t visit you...
    my apologise!... please forgive me!.
    i promise i will visit you again.

  8. those boots look so comfy and that belt is great! can't wait to see the rest of your buys!

  9. Ray Ban achtig nerd brilletje! Ik ben benieuwd naar een foto :d!

  10. Ooh, this scarf is beautiful!!! O.O Kisses! :o)

  11. I gave you two awards, please check my blog.

  12. I love Belgium (especially Brussels) and everytime I go there I usually visit Antwerp :)
    You have bought great stuff! Those booties are so damn cute (I really love them) and the glasses! wow (one of my best friends wants a pair like that one, I'm going to tell her to go to Urban Outfitters.
    Haha that belt, my mother has a similar one in black and this weekend I asked her to give it to me (but NO was her answer lol)!
    I also love scarves and have a huge collection (that one is very beautiful)!
    Btw, I'm passing you from my "All about fashion" list, to my "On my red carpet" list, because you are one of my favourite fashion bloggers!

  13. LOVE the glasses, LOVE the belt. I can't seem to find a perfect studded belt, i think it's time to make one myself!

  14. hi imelda!
    you always buy such nice things :D
    the brown studded belt is great...

    kisses :)

  15. Je riempje! Hoe duur was'ie bij jou? Ik heb hem gisteren bij pieces gekocht voor 8 euro... In het zwart hihi.
    De rest vind ik ook leuk :)


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