mardi 25 novembre 2008

I Love Snow

This sunday we finally had a real winterday. I'm really not a big fan of cold days, but a nice white snowy day from time to time is lovely! In the afternoon we stayed inside, watching the white carpet getter thicker by the minute. In the evening my boyfriend and I went for a nice walk. When we got home we enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolat milk. 
Of course I took some pictures, it's not that there is so much snow here in Belgium. We also wanted to make a snowman, but our hands were too cold.

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  1. oh alles is zo mooi als het sneeuwt :D
    mooie foto's!

  2. awh i wish we had some snow here!
    love the first picture!

  3. Hi darling!!
    Is everything ok??? Hope so :)

    What lovely pictures, you're right snow can be so lovely and romantic ;)

    Take care dear, all the best.


  4. mooi foto's - en inderdaad wij hadden hetzelfde idee als jullie - voor die keer dat we is fatsoenlijke sneeuw hebben en geen regen!

  5. Hi you :D
    I like winter days but when it's snowing those days seem so special! It's so pretty :D
    P.S.: You left me a comment a while ago about my faux fur vest! Did you see my new post about Madonna in the 80's?!

  6. Oh! echt? :D ik ken Jan goed!
    wie ken jij dan? :D yves?


  7. i wish it would snow already over here. it's better to have some fun when it's so chilly outside

  8. hi dear!...
    theres is a long time that i don´t come to visit you...
    everything is ok, how are you?¿...
    I also love snow, but here, where i live it dosn´t snow becausa it´s very near the sea!...
    but it´s very cold.
    the pics are very nice... i want to see you againg, please show us photots on the snow!.
    have a nice day.
    love you!.kiss.

  9. mmm jammer dat 't al gedaan met sneeuwen is! :(

    ja is idd wel grappig :D
    toevallig :D
    die thijs ziet dr wel ne vriendelijken uit :D ij eeft ne coolen bril! :D

    kzal allesinds blij zijn alsk men shirtjes heb :D maar da zal voor volgende week zijn!

    en bedankt!

  10. Ik heb direct mijn rubberen laarzen aangedaan en ben met mijn hond gaan wandelen. Ik was echt blij dat we nog eens blijvende sneeuw hadden, dat zijn de momenten om naar uit te kijken tijdens de winter. Mooie foto's by the way.

  11. die laatste foto is echt geweldig!


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