jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Fake or Real?

Last monday the boyfriend and I had a nice shoppingday, because of the snow I wasn't able to go to school (not that I had any problem with that). We went to Hasselt and one of my favourite stops there is 'De Kringwinkel', it's a thriftstore where I always find great stuff.
As you guys might know by now I have a little scarf-addiction! So of course I was checking out the scarfs and this one caught my eye. The design is so pretty, even a bit kitsch. But than I realised it might be a real Celine scarf.
Now, I'm really terrible at spotting a fake designer scarf, so I'm calling to you guys for help. Online I found lists of how to spot fake Hermès scarfs, but no lists of spotting a fake Celine scarf.
Judging from the Hermès lists I read that the Hems should be hand-rolled and sewn in the exact same color as the hems and that's how it's done with my scarf. The detailed picture has a design that I found on the Celine website, but that's an easy one to copy. 
So I would really appreciate your help!
If it turns out to be fake, I really wouldn't mind because I still love the design and I only paid 50 cents for it.

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  1. I'm sorry dear, but I can't help you, I don't know a thing about seeing if brands are fake...

    Take care my dear, all the best.


  2. Ik heb er ook geen idee van. Ik gok dat hij wel echt is. Celine is niet zo'n populair merk dat iedereen kent (zoals D&G, Chanel, Gucci, ... dat wel zijn ) dus ik denk ook niet dat het zo gewild is om na te maken.

    Als hij echt blijkt te zijn, heb je een enorm goede koop gedaan! En anders ook nog, 50 cent is echt niks voor zo'n mooie sjaal!

  3. I love the scarf anyway! you can always go to an antique shop and ask, or a vintage clothes store...


  4. I can't help you on this one, but I agree with you—it's super cute. I think it would look adorable tied on the arm of a sort of tough handbag... a good contrast.

  5. Oh hon I also cant help you out! Although it is a lovely scarf :) I absolutely find it amazing and for that price?!!
    It's a great find!

  6. Goh, ik ben alweer de 6e die niet kan helpen! Maar ik wou wel zeggen dat de sjaal zeer mooi is!

  7. It really is a lovely print. I say, no loss either way!

  8. I can't tell if anything is real or fake. But the print is too gorgeous to really care like you said.

  9. En nog wat! Ik heb je getagged!

  10. doesn´t matter! is great!!!


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