lundi 3 novembre 2008


Sorry that I'm not that much around these days, but I promise that everything will be better next week. I'm so busy that I really don't feel like dressing up and so I'm posting two of my favourite photograps I made over the last year.
The first one I took when my boyfriend and I were in Paris last year. We had a wonderfull time and looking at this picture makes me want to go back. I really love that city so much! I really like how the picture turned out after the changes I made in Photoshop.
This picture was already on this blog, in the normal version. I think it looks more dramatic in the black and white version. I love this photograph!

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  1. Ik vind ze best mooi zo! vooral de bovenste!

  2. OMG those pictures are so beautiful that way.

    Take care dear


  3. oh dear, these photos are really beatifull...i love them...
    I really liked a lot paris, i want to go back too... it´s a very beautifull city...and very romantic..
    the chages you made on the first photo are really fantastics!...

  4. I really like the feeling that both pictures are giving off. Eerie, but quite beautiful.

  5. Wauw, deze foto's zijn zeker heel erg mooi..

  6. Wow, these are beautiful!

    I'd love to trade links, consider it done :)


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