mercredi 10 mars 2010

I Wish...

I wish that I could leave for a holiday right now! I would go someplace warm, I'm so sick of this cold weather here in Belgium. Someplace were I can shop till I drop, were I can benefit from sun and still have some time to do something cultural. Can't stop dreaming about a holiday to that place!
If I was to leave right now I would take my new stuff with me. All these pieces are what I brought home from my shopping trip with my mom and sister in Antwerp. We had such a fun day and I love my new pieces.

I would bring along my new floral suitcase from Zara home (children's department), which is big enough for all my new pieces. And I would definitely bring along mister owl. Isn't he the cutest pillow you've ever seen? I bought him at Casa.
My outfit for my holiday would be (from left to right): Striped Top from S. Oliver, Black Skirt from H&M (love the waist), Bright Blue Nailpolish from H&M, Heart Shaped Sunglasses from H&M, Organic Cotton Knee Socks from H&M and Gladiator Sandals from New Look.
I think I really need to stop shopping. I've bought so much over the past months, I think I need to move to a bigger place... I still have one other shopping post (pt. 4) ready to post, expect it somewhere this week.
Right now I'm going to read my ELLE. In my sofa, which is covered in sunshine, at least it's warm inside.

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  1. OMG mister owl is sooooooo cute!!!!

    I so wish some holidays too....

    Thank you my sweet for your words and thoughts, it's good to know we have people who care.
    All my friendship


  2. I'm in the same boat, in a desperate need for a holiday! At least you're in Belgium, hun, a short car/bus/train ride to everywhere :o).

  3. superleuk gepakt - ik ben straks weg - wel naar de sneeuw....

  4. Geen idee dat ze zo'n leuke dingen hadden in Casa zoals dat uiltje. Ziet er eerder handgemaakt uit.
    De rest is trouwens ook leuk ;)

  5. hahaha


  6. Zara home KIDS is de max! ik verwater daar altijd op het beddengoed en de spreikes

    leuk uiltje!

  7. Ge zijt niet alleen meid, zomer zou echt zeer welkom zijn! Hopelijk is het tegen de paasvakantie wat beter weer, zou ideaal zijn!
    Leuke spulletjes ook weer, superscfhattig koffertje en uil. Ik ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe kleren in een outfit!

  8. la petite valise en carton est trop mignonne!



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