jeudi 4 mars 2010

Shopping Pt. 2

The second shoppingtrip that I'm posting about is the one I made to Brussels with my boyfriend to celebrate the end of our exams. Sales were coming to an end, one of the best moments to shop in my opinion. You can still find some great cheap stuff and you can already buy some things from the new collection.
I'm so in love with this black dress from H&M. The shoulders are so fabulous, if I may say so. I love clothes with this kind of details, so I just had to have this dress.
This floral dress from Mango was 50% off. I like the fact that it's floral, but that the colors aren't too bright. Can't wait for some warmer weather so I can wear this dress to a picknick or to the park.
Some more necklaces to add to my collection. The medaillon necklace is from H&M and the bird is from the I am store (I'm not sure that's the name of the store).

10 commentaires:

  1. Wat een mooie vondsten!
    Beide kleedjes zou ik ook wel willen dragen, samen met zo een leuk kettingetje :o).

  2. jouw juweeltjes zijn altijd schitterend, je hebt er een echt oog voor

  3. het zwarte jurkje van de h&m zou ik ook wel willen gaan halen :o

  4. ahhh superleuk!! zat ook te twijfelen bij de 1e twee items toen ik ze zag, superleuk zijn ze!!!

  5. Goeie koopkes, ik vind alles echt tof!

  6. I just love your selection, Imelda. Everything is so sweet :)

  7. I love your new stuff, but the floral dress caught my eye!

  8. i love your floral dress and as you said, the colours are perfect!
    and the necklace from the left. I love it!!!

    So cool about the boots


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