vendredi 5 mars 2010

Shopping Pt. 3

My third shopping trip went to Maastricht. I went together with my mom, my dad and my boyfriend. It was somewhere between christmas and new year, because sales had already started in the Netherlands. It was really cold, but we had a great time!
This sequined vest is from H&M. I love golden and shiny clothes like this, so I couldn't resist. I must admit this photo doesn't do good to my new beautiful vest, but it's the best I have. When the weather is better it'll pop up in several outfitshots, I'm sure about that.
Another pair of shoes. What can I say? They were on sale, I love the color & design and they walk so easy. They're from Van Haren.
This beautiful scarf is from De Bijenkorf and was 50% off. I have lots of scarfs, I think it's some new kind of addiction. I just like the fact that scarfs give something extra to an outfit.
This cute piece of furniture is from Xenos and was 50% off. I love that store, it's so cheap and I always find lots of nice things there. Wish we had this store in Belgium...
I also got some brown boots, because I really needed some new flat boots. My mom and dad were so sweet to buy them for me (just like my scarf and vest). And I also bought a new black bag at Invito. Both pieces will show up in some outfitshots, I promise.

10 commentaires:

  1. oooh ben helemaal zotjes van het zwarte vestje
    echt top
    en wat zijn je mama en papa lief :)

  2. le gilet et les chaussures sont trop beaux!

  3. totally great buys!! love the vest and shoes!

  4. superkastje - waar is die winkel Xenos, ik heb er nog niet van gehoord.
    en sexy shoes, doet pijn aan mijn sparend hartje...

  5. ahh dat eerste vestje! ben benieuwd hoe dat er uit ziet! en de Xenos is idd heavenly hihi

  6. Oh boy your new vest is so rad!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces! Wow the vest is so fabulous!

  8. I adore that dresser! So pretty!

    And I can't wait to see you make an outfit post with that vest!


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