samedi 7 août 2010

The Body Shop Eye & Cheek Palette: Review

Today I'll be telling you guys a little bit more about the make-up palette I bought during the sales in Maastricht.
Lately I've been really into eyeshadow... so at 50% off (now only 15 euros) I just couldn't resist buying this palette. Palettes are the easiest to work with and I just get the best results with them.
This palette contains 4 warm shades of eyeshadow, going from light to dark, a pink blush and an eyeshadow applicator. The box is made out of a soft fabric and closes with a magnet.
01 Blush: I would discribe this as a coral colored blush. It's not too pigmented, so perfect if you like your blush really soft. For the ones who like their blush a little more visible, just work with a few layers.
02 Caramel Shimmer: It has a pretty golden shine when I wear it. You can use it perfectly as a highlighter.
03 Pink Shimmer: In my opinion this color is more bronze than pink. Personaly I think that pink wouldn't look so good in this palette than the bronze color.
04 Plum Shimmer: Could be best discribed as a rusty color, gives a very nice effect when you wear it.
05 Chocolate Shimmer: It's a rather dark color, but it has enough shimmer in it for me to like it. Perfect for the finishing touch.

This palette is perfect in my opinion. I'm a huge fan of bronze & golden eyeshadows, because black really isn't my color...
In the pictures the colors look more purple/pink than they are in real life.

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  1. Sweetie, great to have you back again!!!
    Such nice colour pallets.

    Hope your weekend is being nice


  2. super post - heel leuk om wat tips te krijgen!

  3. its very cute! I have been making more of an effort to wear make up too!


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