mercredi 18 août 2010

Ile d'Oléron Part 2

For today I'll be showing you guys all the things I bought during my 2 week stay in France. I bought several things, they were all too cute to resist!

This green perfect green blouse is from H&M in Bordeaux. I know I can buy it here in Belgium aswell, but it's always nice to remember that I bought this blouse in beautiful Bordeaux instead of Brussels. (Sorry for the bad quality picture!)
Earrings I just couldn't resist! The pair on the left is from a little shop in La Cotinière and the wings are from Six in Bordeaux.
A lovely postcard that gives an idea of how the houses are on the island. Don't you just love the romantic look of the house? If I ever own a house, that's how I want mine to look.
Those flowers are typical for the island to. We brought home lots of seeds to plant them in my parents' garden, so we could have a little bit of the island at home.
We found lots of cute shops on the island with many beautiful pieces for decorating your house. Too bad we couldn't bring home most of the stuff... I got myself this retro plate for our bathroom.
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse: I can't live without this stuff!!! I've been using this oil for some time now and because it's so cheap in France I got myself a big bottle. I'll be posting a review about this product later.
Of course we shopped at l'Occitane en Provence in La Rochelle. The guy who runned to shop was so extremely friendly, wish all the sales people were like that. He complimented me on my French (blush!) and he gave us a few products for free. I got a recharger for my conditioner and a olive mask (ECOCERT), the tonic and facial mouse I got for free. The guy also gave a second mask for free, but my sister has that one.
These products will be reviewed to.
Some very cheap eyeshadow from the local market, for only 3 euros! I love the colors and the quality isn't too bad either.
This new blush brush is from Galeries Lafayette and is very eco-friendly. I'll tell you guys more about this one in another post.
As you probably noticed in the other post about my trip, I discovered a lovely macaronshop in Bordeaux. Of course I had to check out the macarons! I bought a tube with 5 macarons. It was a bit more expensive than the macarons alone, but the tube is so cute. Check out the website!
The macaron in the center is coffee, on the left you have honey & chocolate and pistache and on the right you have chocolate and lemon. And they were delicious!
Potteries are so beautiful to visit and I bought this bottle (or how do you call this?) for olive-oil. The colors make me think of The Provence. I love having a little bit of France in my kitchen.
These 2 are from E. Leclerc, but could come right out of a potterie aswell. A little mustard jar (I'm using mine for sugar) and a bottle for vinegar.
This was the first year we tried the 'caramel au beurre salé', something typical for the region where we stayed. I was sad we didn't try it sooner, because it's really delicious. I brought home this jar filled with caramels for my boyfriend. And it looks great in my kitchen to (a win-win situation!).
Edit: I added the website for the macaronshop in Bordeaux. Forgot to post it!

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  1. Het is inderdaad leuker om met een bloesje rond te lopen van ergens anders dan uit de Belgische steden. Zo hangt er nog een verhaal aan vast. Het retroplaatje vind ik heel origineel, zoiets zal je niet vaak tegenkomen hier in België. En die macarons... Ik zou echt geen benul hebben naar wat dat smaakt. Buiten het bewonderen van hun doosjes, verpakkingen en kleurtjes heb ik er nog niet veel mee te maken gehad. :) Hoe proeft het eigenlijk in je mond? Is het meer een koekje of een deegbolletje ofzo?

  2. Mooie oorbellen! Vooral de wings!

    Ik vond je blog op de Elle website: en ik hoop je te leren kennen als we een bloggers meet houden in oktober ;)

    xxxo Afrodite

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pieces, every single one of them. The silk H&M top is a stunner!

  4. Oh, wat heb je een fijne spulletjes gekocht! Je ging met een volle koffer weer terug zie ik :)

  5. leuk vondsten - aah en macarons k ben gisteren nog in La durée Parijs geweest, ik kan er niet genoeg van krijgen....

  6. Leuke bloG! En bedankt voor je comment. Ik hoop dat je ook een volger van mijn blog wilt worden?

  7. so many cool things!! I never have that much room in my suitcase!!

    please do explain about the oil stuff, I am very intrigued now!

  8. I agree with you, my dear, too cute to resist ;-)

    Have a fantastic weekend


  9. You shopped hard girl loving that H&M top fab colour xoxo


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