jeudi 2 décembre 2010

Label.Fashion Focus

Look what the mailman had with him for me today! Almost a month too late, the new Label.Fashion Focus. Anyway, I'm glad that I finally have it!
You guys already know I'm not a big fan of this cold weather and the snow. So I stayed at home and read my magazine from cover to cover today with a warm cup of tea to keep me company.
Yet another edition that's great to read. As a shoe-addict I was eager to read the article about Fred de la Bretoniere. Caution: you might end up wanting some new shoes very very much! 
The Levi's Curve ID, sneakercollabs, colors and Lacoste got some attention in this edition aswell. The opening of the WeSC shop in Antwerp is featured too and I'm going to Antwerp soon to check it out. 
Moms and dads should really buy this edition, LFF shows some great brands for your children. Who doens't want their kid to be the most fashionable in town?
Thanks to Label.Fashion Focus I discovered some great new brands to follow: Billy and I, Won Hundred and Caye. And last but not least a great and inspiring fashionshoot on a rooftop in Antwerp!

6 commentaires:

  1. Oh, I love receiving post! Hence my online shopping addiction! Lovely!

  2. the cover girl looks fabulous, love me some big bangz :))

    ps//embarrassed to admit but somehow i wasn't following your blog through blogger friend-am now!!!

    thanks for giving love!

    jess s//

  3. Ziet er mij een fijn tijdschriftje uit! Hoeveel kost het en waar kan je het vinden?

  4. supertip, wil ik ook wel eens lezen

  5. @Auxpaysdesmerveilles: Ik dacht dat het 4.95 euro was, maar ik weet het niet zeker. Ik heb het magazine in Leuven liggen en ben nu nog eens thuis voor het weekend, dus kan niet checken :)
    Ik heb een link met de verkooppunten in de post staan.


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