vendredi 3 décembre 2010

My Holy Grail!

Today I want to tell you guys a little bit more about one of my favorite products when the days are getting colder. The 'Almond Soothing Facial Oil' from Weleda is perfect for my skin during autumn and winter.

"Mild, soothing facial oil for sensitive and unbalanced skin. Perfect for extremely dry skin to use daily, morning and evening, or as extra protection when the skin is exposed to wind and cold weather. Can also be used for removing eye make up. Suitable for vegans."
Well, the official description says it all. It's a great, multifunctional product that contains high quality organic almond oil and plum kernel oil. It makes the skin soft and supple whilst strenghtening its natural protection.
Keeping in mind that this is an oil, I only use it at night in combination with my nightcream. So it has the entire night to do its job without my face looking oily during the day. And I don't use it every night, only when I feel that my skin needs it, because my skin isn't that dry. When I wake up the next day my skin feels supersoft and it's really hydrated.
What do you guys do to protect your face against the bad weather? Would you try this Almond Oil?
Love, Imelda

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  1. I love Weleda products! I have 3 failsafe moisturizing products for winter.

    1) Moisturizer - I go on and on about it but it's worth it - Kimberley Sayer Ultra Light Organic Moisturizer (suitable for all skin types and super light SPF 25 coverage). It's available here:

    2) Handcream - my grandmother used to make Rosewater handcream as part of her job at this museum and I love love love it as it replenishes my very dry hands in cold Canadian winter. It's available here:

    3) Ora Labs Lip Naturals Tee Tree Mint Lip Balm. I have notoriously dry lips and this is the only lip balm that can heal them. I order in bulk from this website:

    Brrr, it's cold out there. Keep warm!

  2. Ik gebruik ook regelmatig producten van Weleda, ben er altijd wel heel tevreden over! Deze olie heb ik nog niet geprobeerd maar ga ik mij zeker eens aanschaffen. Mijn huid is zo droog met deze koude :(.

  3. I would like to try that:)

    ♥ kisses ♥

  4. Do you advertise a product Swiss!
    I love Weleda products, the range is extraordinary. And I say this not because I'm swiss!

    caro @ geneva

  5. en waar te koop? mijn huid kan in de winter ook zo droog worden, voor mijn lippen gebruik ik altijd purol - te koop in apotheker, moet ik misschien ook eens ne post over doen ;)

  6. i've recently bought creme de la mer. and it's amazing. My skin always gets really dry in winter, in when i put this créme on befor i go to sleep, my skin feeld amazing..:) But this looks amazing too! Is it expensive??
    great blog by the way!
    im gonna follow you! it would be amazing if you would visit/folow at Love,

  7. Thanks for your comments!

    @Jan: Thanks for your tips, I'm really going to check these products out!

    @Sueper: Ik koop mijn Weleda producten altijd bij Essenza. Ik weet eigenlijk niet waar ze die nog verkopen :)

    @Fashion Fabrice: Thanks for your comment, I'll check your blog as soon as possible.
    This Weleda product is about 12 euros (I think), but you only need a little bit of the product each time, so it seems like the bottle is never gonna be empty :)

  8. OMG!!! ur header hangs in my hotelroom in breda!! hahaha!! i love this picture!!


  9. Hmm dat ziet er interessant uit! Ik smeer maar nivea op de droge plekskes op mijn gezicht, maar dat is volgens mij ook niet echt ideaal. Misschien moet ik dit ook eens proberen!


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