mercredi 13 août 2008

My Old Prom Dress

Today my boyfriend and I went shopping in Hasselt, we had a fun day out and of course I bought some stuff. I'll post my buys tomorrow, for today I finally have another outfitshot!
The dress I'm wearing is my old prom dress from 2 years ago, I bought it for prom at my boyfriends school.
Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Zara
Purse: Secondhand
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Invito

7 commentaires:

  1. Cute dress, like the draping effect.

  2. Like wendyb I like the draping effect of the dress, very pretty and you look great in it.


  3. Best prom dresses get worn again, for sure.

  4. Lovely look - I like the way you've co-ordinated everything. I really like the grey handbag too.

  5. I am so impressed that you actually can still wear your prom dress! Mine are so 1980s, which is hysterical, because my proms were in the 90s! One is a multi-colored sequined disaster.

  6. Vintage stuff, the photo's say it all - my eyes are now wide open!


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