jeudi 21 août 2008

New Things

I'm really happy at the moment! I only need to do 1 exam and that's not untill 5 september and my other 2 exams went pretty good I think. So I feel great!
I still had to post my buys from my last shoppingtrip to Hasselt, so here they are!

A while ago I won a coupon from Vero Moda, I entered a contest that I read about in 1 of my favourite magasines: Glam It. I choose this black sweater, because I can wear it in so many different ways. The 2 pieces of fabric at the neckline are great, I can make a big bow, wear it like this in the picture, etc. I only had to pay 2 euros, because my coupon had a valeu of 20 euros! Thanks so much Glam It!
This is my 3rd piece from the Penelope and Monica Cruz collection for Mango. I already have this bolero in Green. It's such a great piece and that's way I couldn't resist this one in black. It still was on sale and that's way it only costed 11 euros!
I also bought myself some new tights. The purple pair is from New Look and the light grey and petrol blue tights are from Veritas.
Here is the artishoque, making his second appearance on this blog ;) 
I bought these cute sailor buttons at veritas to sew on a red skirt or so.

7 commentaires:

  1. Leuke spulletjes! Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat van de gouden knoopjes.

  2. heey

    Ja mijn 2 examens gingn niet slecht ;) zoals bij jou! Blij dat we nu even pauze hebben. Ik denk dat ik nog eens ga shoppen ondertussen want ik krijg goesting als ik dit hier zo allemaal zie :D Die trui van vero moda is inderdaad een handig stuk!! En de knoopjes zijn ook super xxxx

  3. I really love the first top....elegant and chic. I hope your exams go brilliantly and that you get top marks!

  4. Great stuff.

    Good luck for the last exam and great marks to all of them.


  5. Ik ben dol op gekleurde panty's! Ze zullen je zeker goed staan.

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