jeudi 28 août 2008

Too Busy

I finally found the time to make another outfit post. Things have been so hectic lately! We're both studying for our exams and we're packing our things to move next week, all at the same time. My boyfriends rent already stopped at the beginning of this week, so now he's living in with me. I'm surprised I found a place to make a picture, because we're living between bananaboxes. I'm so looking forward to next week when we finally have the key for the new appartment and we can move some things already, so I can finally study in peace.
Yesterday we went to Zara and H&M as a studybreak, this is what I wore. My hair is a mess, so that's why I have no head. I'm going to the hairdressers as soon as possible!
Dress: H&M
Belt: H&M (Paris)
Shoes: Invito

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  1. Very pretty, I specialy like the belt detail, great.


  2. De riem maakt je outfit echt af: mooi!

  3. I love your dress. The belt works amazing, nice color too.

    Good luck with the "moving in" Getting things in their place can be complicated :)

  4. Een zwarte jurk is altijd goed! En het is nog mooi ook. Ik vind de blauwe riem er echt super bij staan! Ik heb z'n soort kleur tas. Hmm.. Die moet ik maar weer is gaan opzoeken

  5. jij hebt nu ook nog 1 exaam? Ikke woensdag :s Alleszins veel succes! hihi kvind het leuk om te merken in blogland dat ik niet de enige ben met examens.

    Hou van de snit van dat zwarte jurkje!!

    La fille

  6. i love your look, you wore perfect!.
    kisses, Pretty!.


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