lundi 3 mai 2010

A Little Bit Of Everything!

Another post with lots of things that a found on my laptop. Things that I like, that I want, ... I just save everything in files and hope that I'll find those pieces in stores or that I can make something myself that's almost the same.
Gorgeous jumpsuit from Zara
Penelope Cruz wearing a stunning dress
Old flyer from a party in Louvain, I'm planning
on making a similar dress
Another jumpsuit, the belt is so cute.
Very pretty shoes. If I remember correct, the flowers
are handmade by someone.

Sources: The first picture is from Nitro:Licious and that's the only source I can remember. I always forget to save the source with my pictures, such a bad habit!

7 commentaires:

  1. weer superleuke selectie - ben weer hungry naar die shoes!

  2. rompers<3

    lovelove, M.

  3. I save sooo many photos like this in a folder on my desktop, its ridiculous. I dont know what I'll even do with them!

  4. 3 nouveaux articles en ligne, passe donner ton avis si tu peux ! Bisous.

  5. Les chaussuuuuures!
    Adorables!!! :D

  6. Haha ja idd een hele goede reden om terug te gaan =)
    Ze lopen idd lekker, maar ik moet zeggen dat die zwarte suede wedges uit de vorige collectie nog lekkerder lopen =) miss ook alleen omdat het mijn favoriete schoenen zijn ;)
    Mooie schoenen!!


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