mercredi 5 mai 2010

Designer Goodies

These pieces are pieces that I would really love to have in my closet, but unfortunatelly I'm not that rich :) So I just keep on dreaming and from time to time I find something similar and much cheaper than the real deal.
Tomorrow there will be another "cleaning up my laptop" post, but I promise it's the last one!
Christian Louboutin Love 100 Suede Pumps
Givenchy Peeptoe Ankle Boots
Chloé Wedges (this is one of the shoes that I found much cheaper,
thank god for Zara: see here)
Chloé Marlow Leather Tote
Alexander Wang Leather Bag
Chloé Kira Leather Bowler Bag
Cute Dress (don't remember the brand/designer)
Haute Hippie dress
That's all for today, I'm going to spend the rest of my evening dreaming about these gorgeous designer goodies! Have a great evening!
Source: net-a-porter

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  1. Zitten zeer schoon spullen tussen! Nu alleen nog het geld bijeen sprokkelen ;)

  2. The last dress is gorgeous!!!!!!!! ;)

    op deze site vind je betaalbare loboutin shoes - ook degene die je hebt gekozen, heb er ook al naar zitten staren


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