jeudi 27 mai 2010

Shopping @ Brussels!

As promised yesterday here are the lovely things that I bought today in Brussels. I only allowed myself to stay there untill noon, because I knew that I would end up broke if I stayed the whole day :)
I'm such a lucky girl because the pieces that I was craving for from the Fashion Against Aids collection by H&M were still available in my size (actually these were the only 3 pieces left, next to a lot of other pieces from this collection but I didn't want them). Made me so happy! I bought two harempants and a dress, here they are. And I promise you, outfits will be posted really soon!

I also bought myself 2 cute t-shirts with beautiful shoulderdetails. The striped one is from H&M and the blue one is from Mango.
Everytime when I'm in Brussels I have to buy something at Paul's bakery. So delicious and tasty, takes me right back to France. But what is in the box this time???
2 delicious macaroons, a chocolate one and one with vanilla taste. Yummy! Macaroons and crème brûlée are my most favorite things to eat in the world (to make me choose between these 2 would be just cruel, haha)! What's your favorite thing to eat?
Did you guys buy anything from the Fashion Against Aids colletion by H&M?

7 commentaires:

  1. hey darl! just posted your parcel the other day, please tell me when you get it!!! ;)

  2. the colors, patterns, and shoulder detailing are so lovely here! great finds indeed :))

    jess s//

  3. ooh dat kleedje vind ik het mooist
    nee niets gekocht wegens blok :s :s maarja mijn enige troost is dat het vanaf 1 juli -dan heb ik gedaan- SOLDEN zijn woehoe :D

  4. leuke bloesjes en ben benieuwd hoe die harembroeken staan!
    wat ik het liefst eet: euhm te veel om op te noemen, ben echt ne lekkerbek - die macarons zouden er zeker binnen gaan!

  5. Leuke aankopen en die macaroons zien er heeerlijk uit!


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